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winter/spring 1999 



table of contents 

page I Building Awareness about the Role 
of Civility in Everyday Life 

page 2 Kerrissa Heffernan Selected as 
Lasell's First Joan Weiler 
Arnow '49 Professor 

Lasell 150 Campaign Leadership: 
Public Phase 

page 3 Campaign Update: Message from 
the Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 
Campaign Momentum Builds 

page 4 Scholarship Donor Virginia Thomas 
Baxter '39 

Volunteer Profile: Jean Michael 
Petersen '39 Chairs New Brennan 
library Society 

Building Awareness about 
the Role of Civility in 
Everyday Life 


While college students 
learn to navigate the 
choppy waters between 
academics and the work- 
place, learning responsible 
citizenry can be afar more 
difficult passage to cross. 
Intangible concepts like 
"civil discourse? "moral 
unity" and "mutual respecf y 

are just a few points on the compass of the Nancy Lawson 
Donahue '49 Institute for Values and Public Life. 


Trustee Nancy Lawson Donahue '49 

Established with a $500,000 gift from 
Trustee Nancy Lawson Donahue '49 and 
the brainchild of Arnow Professor Dr. 
Kerrissa Heffernan (see story on page 2), 
the Institute began its inaugural program- 
ming in January. (A recent Donahue Insti- 
tute-sponsored event, a lunchtime discus- 
sion of the 'civil classroom,' brought 
together full- and part-time faculty for an 
informal discussion of their experiences 
with student classroom behaviors and pro- 
vided a forum to strategize on the ways to 
nurture a respectful, engaging intellectual 

The Institute will focus on existing and 
emerging issues facing Lasell College and 
higher education. Its initial project will be 
to examine ways of preserving Lasell's rich 
heritage in educating women by conduct- 
ing research and facilitating faculty work- 
shops on classroom dynamics in a coedu- 
cational environment. 

A second component will focus on con- 
ceptions of civic responsibility including 

civility and responsible behavior, and cre- 
ating opportunities for students to learn 
and practice the skills of civic participation. 

"In the past 10 years, there have been 
significant shifts in the public's political 
thinking and its perception of the democ- 
ratic process," says Dr. Heffernan. "As a 
society, we are turning inward, detaching 
ourselves from institutions and from each 
other. The ease with which we seem to do 
this should cause alarm." Professor 
Heffernan also expresses concern for soci- 
ety's growing fascination with unbridled 
consumerism and the erosion of common 
courtesy and respect. 

"To quote Yale Law Professor Stephen 
Carter, 'being offensive is not a constitu- 
tional right.'" According to Dr. Heffernan, 
the Institute for Values and Public Life will 
provide an excellent forum for addressing 
these issues. "We need to recapture some 
of the passion of the 1960s, when students 
felt they not only had a voice but the ability 
to affect change. During the Civil Rights 

see INSTITUTE, continued on page 2 

INSTITUTE, continued from page 1 

movement, for example, when North 
Carolina A&T students organized lunch 
counter sit-ins, they set into motion a pow- 
erful chain of events." 

For Dr. Heffernan, distilling lofty goals 
into a feasible working plan has already 
begun. What she envisions for the Institute 
is a further broadening of Lasell's connect- 
ed learning philosophy, combining the 
teaching of civic duty with on-site, practi- 
cal experience. To augment the intellectual 
atmosphere in the classroom and beyond, 
the Institute could feature faculty-led dis- 
cussions; student debates, focus groups, 
and interviews; monthly dinners with fac- 
ulty and guest speakers; an academic resi- 
dence in which students commit to a year- 
long ethical journey and optional first-year 
programs of study. 

It is Nancy Lawson Donahue's foresight 
and generosity, however, that have given 
the Institute life. "At the time that Lasell 
was considering the option of coeducation, 
we worked together on the Lasell Mission 
Committee," Professor Heffernan notes. 
"When the Mission Committee and the 
Board of Trustees unanimously voted to 
admit men, Nancy recognized an immedi- 
ate need for some kind of forum to address 
coeducational issues in particular and civil- 
ity and discourse in general. 

"Students everywhere are struggling to 
discern a sense of moral unity in contem- 
porary culture," Dr. Heffernan concludes. 
"It is our obligation as educators to assist 
them in the process; Lasell's Donahue 
Institute will be a perfect place to begin." 

Kerrissa Heffernan 


Kerrissa Heffernan, Ed.D., Lasell 
College associate professor and director 
of the Center for Public Service, recent- 
ly added another feather to her cap. She 
was selected to be the first Lasell 
College faculty member to receive the 
Joan Weiler Arnow '49 Professorship. 
The College's first faculty chair was 
endowed with a generous gift from 
Joan and Robert Arnow. 

"I was surprised and thrilled to 
receive this extraordinary honor," Dr. 
Heffernan says. "Becoming a Joan 
Weiler Arnow '49 Professor is a high- 
light of my professional career." Based 
on a demonstrated commitment to 
teaching and professional advance- 
ment, the faculty chair will be a rotat- 
ing position with initial terms of three 
years and will be open to faculty of all 

Professor Heffernan has already 
enjoyed a long and happy relationship 
with her benefactors. "I have always 
regarded Joan and Bob Arnow with the 
highest esteem," she continues. "They 
are bright, insightful, and engaged, and 
always ask thought-provoking ques- 

Ongoing and generous supporters of 
the Lasell Center for Public Service, the 
Arnows are stalwart enthusiasts of 
Camp Colors, the day camp for chil- 
dren with HIV/ AIDS that Lasell spon- 
sors each summer on its campus. They 
have also supported the highly innova- 

▲ Dr. Kerrissa Heffernan accepting 
the Arnow Professorship at graduation 

tive Parents and Children Together 
(PACT) program, which offers young, 
single, low-income mothers an oppor- 
tunity to pursue higher education. Dr. 
Heffernan, who was on sabbatical last 
semester, received a fellowship to 
Brown University's Swearer Center for 
Public Service, where she conducted 
research for the Nancy Lawson 
Donahue '49 Institute and prepared the 
Institute's working paper and five-year 
plan. She also edited a monograph on 
women's studies and service learning. 
"Our Center for Public Service has 
maintained close ties with the Swearer 
Center," she explains. "We have a simi- 
lar mission: to serve the community, 
with the head as well as the heart. We 
both take an intellectual approach to 
social issues." 

Lasell 150 Campaign 
Leadership: Public Phase 

(as of April 15, 1999) 

Honorary Co-Chairs: 

Joan Weiler Arnow '49 and Bob Arnow 
Kathryn Poore Hamel '49 and Dana Hamel 

Campaign Co-Chairs: 

Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 
Joan Howe Weber '51 

Campaign Cabinet: 

Jean Sargent Lee '49 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45 and William 

Elisse Allinson Share '65 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 
Lela Graham Moses '61 
Carol Cacciamani '65 — Member at large 
Thomas E.J. de Witt — Member at large 
Nancy Lawson Donahue '49 — Member 

at large 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey '51 and Dwight 

Massey — Members at large 
Patricia Zinkowski — Member at large 


Ruth Shuman and Katharine Urner '83 

Major Gifts Committee 


Jean Sargent Lee '49 

Kathleen Hegenbart 
Lynn Kiefer Holt '61 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey '51 
Dwight Massey 
Arthur Menard 
Nancy Peirce Rudolph '55 
Betty Culver Thomson '48 

Planned Giving Sub-Committee 


Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45 

William Klingbeil 

Chair, Heritage Society: 
Marilyn Williamson Blodgett '46 

Henrietta Hisgen Campbell '28 
Jean Campbell '44 
Erik Stapper 


Katharine Urner '83 

Annual Fund/Special Gifts Committee 


Elisse Allinson Share '65 

Patricia Gura Conroy '55 
Ruth Turner Crosby '42 
Priscilla Spence Hall '43 
Robert Huntington 
Kathleen Rebmann Royka '64 
Judy Tracy Shanahan '48 
Niki Tsongas 
Marion Williams-Bennett '83 


Eleanor (Noni) Linton 

Catherine Black 

Sesquicentennial Celebration/Outreach 


Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 

Lela Graham Moses '61 

Joseph Aieta 

Dick Allen 

Margaretta Arnold 

Daniel Barkowitz 

Patricia Beck '97 

James Boudreau 

Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 

Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57 

Maryanne Conroy-Miller 

Jeanne Cousins 

Kim Eldred 

Rose Mary Fuss 

Shirley Vara Gallerani '53 

Allyson Gray 

Ellen LaBelle 

Kenneth Matheson 

Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59 

Gloria Mead 

Barbara Stickle Mode '47 

Jean Michael Petersen '39 

Nancy Burrows Putnam '50 

Antoinette Ruinen Stapper '56 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38 

Marilyn Blodgett Williamson '46 

Charlotte Winslow 

Don Winslow 

Patricia Zinkowski 

Karen Gill 
Ruth Shuman 



2 (|Q0 winter/spring 1999 

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the interest of protecting the privacy of our alumni, it is the 
policy of the Alumni Affairs Office not to divulge alumni addresses, e-mail addresses 
or phone numbers unless it has been verified that the request is from another alumnus. 

The content of Class Notes is based on material submitted to Lasell College's 
Alumni Office. Due to the large number of submissions, Lasell is unable to verify 
the factual content of each entry and is not responsible for erroneous material. 

Because of the possibility of unexpected changes, we do not publish bridal 
engagements, or, in general, future events, but will be delighted to announce weddings 
and those events that have already taken place. 

The Class Notes printed in this issue were received by January 29, 1999. Notes 
received after that date will appear in the next issue. We regret we cannot return 
photographs unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

Please send your news to your Class Liaison or to the Alumni Office at 1844 
Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466-2716. 



Florence Boehmcke Edmondson so enjoyed her 75th 
Reunion at Lasell last spring. 


We were saddened to learn from her daughter, who 
chronicled her mother's fascinating life and travels for us, 
that Clarine Booth Villars passed away on October 12, 

Katherine Tufts Wiese recently celebrated her 92nd 
birthday. She keeps her mind busy writing poetry and 
remembers her Lasell days as a high point in life. 


During the holiday season Katherine Braithwaite 
Leutwyler had a lovely month-long visit in Lajolla, CA, 
with her daughter and her family. Katherine hopes that she 
will be well and strong enough to attend her 70th Reunion 
in June. We'll keep our fingers crossed that you make it, 
Katherine — it will be a grand time for all! 

Dorothy Hayward Sutherland lives in a retirement 
community in Walpole, MA where she and her husband of 
59 years moved before his death in 1997. "We traveled 
extensively all over the world during our years together." 

Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker is living in Dunwoody 
Village, a retirement community in Newtown Square, PA. 

We were very sorry to learn from Ruth Van Allen 
Wells that her husband of 68 years died last May and we 
offer her our sincere condolences. Ruth and her husband 
were world travelers and together they headed the nation- 
ally known Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, PA. As 
she is wheelchair-bound with acute arthritis, Ruth is 
doubtful that she will attend Reunion this year. 


We send our condolences to Kathryn Dow Mathes 
whose husband died last summer. 

We were so very sorry to learn from Ruth Richardson 
Pease of the death of her son and offer her our deepest 
sympathy. Ruth has eight grandchildren and two great- 


Elizabeth Page Sealey keeps in touch with Althea 
Ward Weatherhead and hears occasionally from Jeanne 
Price Crye and her husband, Fred. 

Camilla Roy Jewett feels fortunate, that, at 87, she is 
healthy and active. She drives her car and enjoys the many 
activities associated with the 350th anniversary of her 
town, East Hampton, NY. 

Elinor Small Domina writes that she is "in reasonably 
good health, I drive my car, do a little traveling, and take in 
many of the activities offered in the area." She loves read- 
ing news of the Class of '32. 

Althea Ward Weatherhead visited with Elizabeth Page 
Sealey last September and found her looking very well. 


Dorothy Day Funk writes: "Feeling fair at 85 (almost 
86). Miss those good days of long ago at Lasell, but the 
memories are there. Best to all of the Class of '33." 

Congratulations to Hazel Merritt Bliven and her hus- 
band, David, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniver- 
sary last year. Their granddaughter gave a party for them 
and Elizabeth Hayford Stewart was among the attendees. 

Jean Murphy Aneda and Ruth Stafford Clark were 
sorry to miss their 65th Reunion last spring. 

We send our condolences to Louise Newell Audette, 
whose son, Dana, died on September 6, 1998. Louise was 
recently honored for 60 years membership in the 
Daughters of the American Revolution. 


Mabelle Hickcox Camp 

226 Ponperaug Woods, Southbury, CT 06488 
Carol Morehouse Jones 

108 Brynwood Drive, Easton, PA 18045 

Carol Morehouse Jones is the mother of four and 
grandmother of 10. We were sorry to learn that her hus- 
band, Billy, passed away in 1997 and send Carol our belat- 
ed condolences. Two of her daughters and a niece are 
Lasell graduates — Kathryn Jones van Renesse '67, Susan 
Jones O'Keeffe '76 and Ann Morehouse Power '68. 


Denise Gile Arnold writes: "We are still hangin' in 
there, doing our usual activities at home, in the communi- 
ty, and just enjoying life. Best to all." 

Congratulations to Gertrude Heath Kehoe and her hus- 
band, John, who celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary 
last October. They enjoy their second home on Lake 
Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH. 

Barbara McKelleget has moved from Cambridge to 
Watertown, MA. She is very proud of her niece who was 
co-winner for best book on intellectual history in 1997. 

We were so sorry to learn from Katharine Peck Dietler 
of Jane Brackley Starbird's death on December 14, 1998. 
Katharine and her husband, Neal are fine — they spent 
two rainy weeks in New England last September visiting 
their daughter in Connecticut and having lunch with 
"Puff" in her new apartment in Simsbury. 

Margaret Weber Hodges has a great-grandson and 
wishes she could retire to Lasell Village. (We'd love to have 
you Margaret. The more alums the merrier!) 


Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

80 Top Hill Road, Saunderstown, RI 02874 

Dorothea Eburne MacLeod feels thankful and so fortu- 
nate to be enjoying her eight grandchildren and 10 great- 

Virginia Hall Warren's family has informed us that, 
although senile dementia has damaged her thought 
processes, she is physically fine and enjoys swimming in 
the Gulf of Mexico and doing water aerobics. 

Virginia Hausler Heath-Coster lives in Everett, WA, 
and remembers that "there were five of us in our high 
school years (Junior and Senior) at Lasell." 

Ruth Koritzky Kopelman has seven grandchildren and 
two great-grandchildren. She sends kindest personal 
regards to all her classmates and friends. 

After a wonderful summer, Georgianna Taber Cotter 
enjoyed returning to her volunteering and clubs last fall. 


Louise Tardivel Higgins 

c/o Forte, 131 Oxbow Road 
Needham, MA 02492-1017 

Dorothy Abbott Atherton, although legally blind and 
using an electrical video eye, is looking forward to 65th 
Reunion in 2002. 

We were very sorry to hear from Barbara Burnham 
Rice that she lost her husband, Jack, last April and we send 
Barbara our sincere condolences. 

Anne Campbell Terrill and her husband moved to 
Lake of the Woods in Virginia two years ago to be closer to 
their sons and grandchildren. Anne is active in her church, 
Republican Women's group and with golf, spending win- 
ters in Plant City, FL. 

We extend our sincere condolences to Irene 
Dreissigacker Brimlow whose husband of 57 years, Potter, 
died on March 30, 1998. Irene plans to stay in her home in 
Clifton Park, NY. 

Jane Eldridge Meaney continues to drive her car, play 
golf and volunteer at her local hospital. She enjoys her five 
grandchildren and spends a couple of months in Florida 
each winter. 

With a grand sense of humor Priscilla Greig Linnell 
writes "I'm having my second hip operation. . . thank 
goodness I don't have three legs!" We wish you a speedy 

Janet Owens DeArment is pleased to see the College 
doing so well and especially glad to see Lasell's athletic 
program flourishing. 

We send our condolences to Evelyn Piepenbring 
Morrison whose husband passed away last fall. 

Alcine Rippere Gager continues to support her sec- 
ondary school as a lifetime trustee. She participates in local 
activities at her church, garden club and library. 

We offer our deepest sympathy to Florence Stetson 
Pipes whose second son died of a heart attack on February 
14, 1998. 


Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

81 Woodland Road, Aubumdale, MA 02466 

Margaret Jones Howry '38, Doris Somerville Krom '40, 
Betsy Waters Hartman '47, Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley 
'49 and Virginia Hall Anderson '48, celebrating Peg 
Howry's birthday at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna 
Niguel, CA, last year. 

Congratulations to Jean Allen Bird who celebrated her 
80th birthday last October with all five sons, four daugh- 
ters-in-law, eight grandchildren, and Martha Driscoll 


Class Notes 

Penny DeLaney Ogrinz and her husband continue their 
motor home travel and Penny now shares in the driving. 
She notes: "I never drove the coach before, but I learned 
long ago (and maybe at Lasell) that we can always do 
whatever we have to do. Age need not stop us." 

Florence Kent Parks spent Christmas with her daugh- 
ter, Susan, and son-in-law, Dr. Arturo Iriarte, Lasell's Vice 
President for Academic Affairs. 

Dorothy Keyes sends greetings to her classmates. 

Elizabeth Lloyd Fritch enjoyed a wonderful 
Scandinavian trip last summer. 

Eleanore Loeffler Olsen writes: "Clint and I will be 
moving into life care at 'Edge Hill' in Greenwich (early 
summer). We will be near our children and would like to 
know if any Lasellites may be there also." 

Martha Romaine Jones was the guest of honor at a 
surprise 80th birthday party last April. She attended her 
grandson's wedding in Minnesota last year and sees 
Eleanore Loeffler Olsen frequently. 

Arlene had a note from Eleanor Skinner Stoughton 
who wrote: "My husband passed away in 1987 and a son in 
1994. 1 have nine grandchildren and two great-grandchil- 
dren. I often think of Lasell and remember the good times 
we had." 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester escaped to Florida for six 
weeks this winter to avoid the cold weather. Priscilla 
Winslow '35 stayed in her home while Arlene was away. 



Louisa Clark Harrington 

399 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02451 

Jeanne Daniels Wheeler lives in the Albany Capitol 
District of New York State. She plays golf each week, 
volunteers at church and in nursing homes. 

Katharine Farnell Guay loves traveling and enjoyed 
a leisurely two weeks spent in the Alps last August. She 
plays scrabble twice weekly and takes day trips with 
members of her senior center. 

On a recent business trip to Seattle, Cora Pratt Adams 
was very impressed with her visit to the Boeing plant 
where the new 777 jets are being built. 

Mildred Sheldon Steele and her husband play lots 
of bridge and help with the RSVP volunteer tax program. 
They have traveled throughout the United States and 
Europe and have enjoyed cruises to Alaska and the 

Margaret Smith Wolcott enjoys traveling, aerobics, line 
dancing, and doing volunteer work for the blind. 

Harriet Tifft Longley and her husband, Rodger, live in 
Massachusetts and Scottsdale. They play bridge and like to 
travel a bit. 


Priscilla Sleeper Sterling 

246 Ocean Palm Drive 
Flagler Beach, FL 32136-4113 

Nancy Bailey Black has just moved to a house condo 
and loves it. "No more repairs, lawn mowing or snow 
shoveling — it's wonderful!" Nancy has four grandchil- 

Elizabeth Briard Sullivan makes porcelain dolls and 
has a collection of 200 — old and new. 

Bette Ellis Martin has five children and 13 grandchil- 
dren. She spends six months in New Jersey and six in 
Venice, FL. 

Lucy Harrison Eimer loves life in Laguna Beach where 
she recently adopted a two-year-old orphan dog from the 
animal shelter. 

Lucille LaRiviere Disbrow and her husband have trav- 
eled all over the world since his retirement. They have two 
children and two grandchildren. 

We were sorry to hear from Mary-Carolyn Porter 
Morison that she was not well. We hope you're recovering 
now and feeling much better. 

Due to an administrative error, news of the death of 
Betty Sue Smith Miller has been greatly exaggerated! She 
is in excellent health and living in Lompoc, CA. We also 
thank her for being such a good sport in learning of this 

Susan Ridley enjoyed a land and cruise trip to Alaska 
last summer. 

Shirley Van Wart Dane continues to be active in the 
antique business and travels extensively. She recently took 
a train trip through Europe and enjoyed riding the Orient 
Express from Rome to London. 

Helen Woodward Fassett is busy as director of a convales- 
cent home, with Red Cross and her church, and last fall 
enjoyed a trip to California with her daughter and son-in-law. 

Virginia DeNyse 

900 Palmer Road, #3H, Bronxville, NY 10708 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan, her daughter and hus- 
band, Bob, enjoyed a wonderful trip to Egypt last May. 

Lucille Armand Boyle welcomed her second great- 

Virginia DeNyse traveled to West Virginia last October 
to attend the annual reunion of her childhood Sunday 
school class. She and Betty McGrath Brown had dinner in 
New York City in the fall, prior to Betty's trip to New 

Last July, Mary Doig Nicholson and her husband, John, 
traveled to Amsterdam where they boarded a river boat for 
Budapest and Vienna. 

Marion Fitts Sternkopf does a great deal of traveling 
and also enjoys golf and bowling. 

Congratulations to Louise Lorion DeVries and her hus- 
band, Hank, who celebrated their 56th wedding anniver- 
sary while enjoying the Canadian Rockies in the spring of 
1998. They traveled on a "Backroads of Britain" trip last 

Congratulations to Dorothy Martin Berdan and her 
husband who have been married 52 years. 

In October, Betty McGrath Brown traveled to New 
England for a fall vacation and plans to visit France this 

We were sorry to learn from Marjorie Morss Smith that 
her husband recently died and we send her our sincere 

Laura Pechilis Apostolu welcomed a new baby grand- 
son in May 1998 and attended the wedding of another 
grandson last October. 

Eleanor Pfaff Daly is planning a trip on the Danube in 

Congratulations to Marjorie Ulrich McLaughlin and 
her husband who celebrated their 50th anniversary at a 
surprise party given by their four children and attended by 
old and new friends and their entire family. 


Dorothy Mosher Stone 

20 ]eep Place, P.O. Box 483, Mashpee, MA 02649 

Grace Johnson Johnson, Tracy Ruch Kauffman, 
Patricia Johnson and Betty Heckel Allen had a grand 
time at their mini-reunion last July at Patricia's house 
in South Orleans on Cape Cod. 

Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff serves on the board of directors 
of her adult community and enjoys watercolor painting, 
bowling and quilting. 

Wilma Dieckman Becker has informed us of the death 
of her husband and we send her our sincere condolences. 

Louise Freeman Coombs visited Ruth Mosher Porter 
in Richmond last October and they had a wonderful time 
reminiscing about Lasell days. 

Margaret Grover Scott attended her grandson's gradu- 
ation from the Naval Academy last May. 

We send our condolences to Elizabeth Heckel Allen 
whose husband died of cancer in 1997. 

Barbara Leonard Wiser wrote that, although medical 
problems have slowed them down a bit, she and her hus- 
band are enjoying retirement and their family. Their grand- 
daughter included Lasell on her list of colleges to visit last 

Constance Lynch Walsh and her two daughters spent 
two weeks in Aix-en-Provence and touring the southern 
coast of France. 

Dorothy Mosher Stone is now a great-grandmother 
and has 15 grandchildren. She is busy with hobbies and 
motor home travels. 

Martha Pangborn Seidensticker has four children and 
10 grandchildren. She travels and plays golf. 

Marjorie Ray Blackett is pleased with the increased 
enrollment and innovative curriculum at Lasell. 

Elaine Robins Albert was sorry to miss her 55th 
Reunion. She is enjoying retirement in Lake Worth, FL, 
where she plays lots of golf and bridge, enjoys theatre and 
dining, and takes some interesting courses. 

Ruth Roughgarden Frank sends "a big hello to all my 
friends" and is happy that Lasell is doing so well. 


Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

22525 4th Street East, Treasure Island, FL 33706 

Besides enjoying her grandchildren, quilting, painting 
and reading, LaVerne Atno Olson travels and attends 

Margaret Bosworth Logee lives in a rural setting in East 
Woodstock, CT, with lots of deer, fox, wild turkeys and 
birds for companions. She has six children, 15 grandchil- 
dren and three great-grandchildren. 

We were sorry to learn from Virginia Collins Canavan 
that her husband, Joe, died on March 27, 1998, shortly 
before their 48th wedding anniversary. 

Nancy Leavis Bailey has four children, nine grandchil- 
dren and three great-grandchildren, all living in different 
parts of the country and on Okinawa. Nancy travels exten- 
sively to visit everyone. 

Eloise Moffett Harper's husband, Thomas, died on 
January 18, 1998, and we send her our sincere condolences. 

Priscilla Spence Hall and her husband have decided to 
make New Smyrna Beach, FL, their year-round home. "It 
has a beautiful setting with a gorgeous beach and nice little 
town — close to whatever action you'd want. Call if you're 
nearby — it would be fun to reminisce." 

Barbara Thornburg Donnelly reports that her son is 
our ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldive Islands. 


Jean Campbell 

84 Laurel Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Jean Campbell hopes to see many old friends at 
Reunion. She loves to travel and is currently president of 
library trustees and advises and teaches several investment 
clubs. Jean enjoyed the testimonial dinner given her by Her 
town of Fairhaven, MA, last fall. 

Elaine Curtiss-Dillon is president of Village Green 
Association HI and enjoys reading, swimming, gardening, 
oil painting, the Sarasota Navy Women's Group and vari- 
ous cultural activities. 

Barbara Goodwin Flint enjoys winters in Florida and 
summers in New Hampshire. 

We were sorry to learn that Priscilla Perley Kerans will 
be unable to attend Reunion as she suffers with respiratory 
problems. We extend to Priscilla our deepest sympathy on 
the death of her husband last September. The couple was 
married 49 years. 

Natalie Vogel Lawton manages the daily living sup- 
plies closet at her church, a community outreach program 
for the needy. 


Class Notes 

Nonie Lederman Carroll 

Tres Vidas, Townhouse #16E 
2335 South Ocean Boulevard 
Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Sarah Atwater Mesmer has done lots of traveling 
recently, including a trip to Jacksonville, FL, with her 
daughter to see her son's Navy promotion ceremony. 
In 1998 she enjoyed a January cruise of the western 
Caribbean, spent the winter in Fort Myers, and visited 
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. She enjoys hear- 
ing many good musicians while on Cape Cod during the 

Theresa Bergeron Hoyt "recently joined the world of 
technology and I am immersed in classes at a local commu- 
nity college. Have been appointed treasurer of our camera 
club and am happy to report I've won several photo 
awards. Who said retirement was dull!!!" 

Dorothy Domina Willard and her husband, Everett, 
were featured last July in a Newport (VT) Daily Express arti- 
cle that included this quote: "Although retired now, the 
Willards have led a full and colorful life, adding to the his- 
tory of Vermont and the Northeast Kindgom." 

Marilyn Ford Marsh's husband, Arthur, passed away 
in October 1997 and we send her our sincere condolences. 


Lindy vacationed in New England last summer and spent 
some time with former roommate Kay Chandler 

Marilyn McNie Middlebrook and her husband, Bill, 
traveled to British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies last 
summer and planned a South American cruise in January. 
While in New Hampshire last summer they enjoyed visits 
from all their family. 

Eunice Powers Buxton is the owner of Custom House 
in Cromwell, CT. All five of her children and many friends 
attended a family reunion last summer and Eunice and her 
husband celebrated their 55th anniversary. Congratula- 

Last July, Barbara Preuss Reynolds and her husband 
moved to a retirement development in State College, PA, 
where they are very happy. 

Virginia Rolf e Guy and her husband spent two weeks 
on Majorca last October and were off to Tucson for the 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil is looking forward to her 55th 
Reunion in 2000! 


Marilyn Blodgett Williamson 

60 Ledgelawn Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420 

Ann Avery and John Todd in Sydney, Australia. 

Ann Avery Todd and her husband, John, celebrated 
their 40th anniversary with a trip to Hong Kong, New 
Zealand, and Australia and then visited Paris, Venice, 
Prague, Berlin and London last fall. The Todds have two 
sons and a Spaniel puppy. 

Jane Caswell Rossi and her husband, Harry, enjoyed 
two excellent trips last year — to France in the spring and 
Italy in the fall. "We can still get in and out of those bath- 
tubs!" The Rossi's spend winters in Naples, FL. 

Raemary Chase Duryea and her husband have four 
grandchildren, play lots of golf, and love to travel to 
unusual places. 

Lucy Clark Winant exhibited her approach to watercol- 
or portraiture last July 26 at the Art Guild Gallery in 

Carolyn Coleman Peyrot and her husband made a 
motor trip across country to visit their daughter for 11 days 
in Seattle. They took ferry trips on Puget Sound to the 
Islands, visited Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park in 
Montana. They were so impressed with the beauty of our 
country and with Theodore Roosevelt's hand in our 
National Park system. 

Mildred Day Clements is assistant reference librarian 
at Henry Carter Hull Library in Connecticut. She writes: 
"So pleased to keep in touch with my roommate, even after 
50 years! Also, the Leaves gives me info about my aunt — 
Dorothy Day Funk who graduated in 1933." 

Rose Emer Bucalo spent two weeks in Portugal last fall. 

Mary-Lou Fisher Burness spent most of June 1998 in 

France and planned to visit Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia 
and Singapore last November. 

We send our condolences to Anne Heaphy Briggs 
whose husband died last fall. 

Sally Myers McCormick works as a buyer's agent in 
real estate. She has four children, lives in Sierra Vista, AZ, 
and would love to hear from Lasellites in her area. 

When we heard from her in June, Phyllis Paige 
Downes was off to New Hampshire for the summer and 
expected to see some '46ers, including her former room- 
mate, Corinne Wilkins Staid, in Kennebunkport, ME. 

Betty Scrimgeour Williams is busy fund-raising for 
non-profits and has five grandchildren. 

Carolyn Stuart Scantlebury sends her best to "old 
friends who might still remember me." 

Joan Walker Runge writes from St. Croix: "Survived 
another hurricane — Georges — not as bad as Hugo but no 
fun when it's another direct hit. Power back on in only one 
week! Best wishes to all '46ers — call if you're in the 

Jean Watson Wetrich had her whole family together 
for a few days last October when her granddaughter was 

Congratulations to Meri Zenleoni Goyette who was 
recently honored by the Exchange Club of Nashua, NH, 
with the Golden Deeds Award. A lovely picture of Meri 
appeared in The Telegraph, accompanied by this caption: 
"Goyette, affectionately referred to as 'Mrs. Nashua,' often 
puts forth her own ideas and hard work to aid the city. 
Examples include organizing the Broom Brigade, which 
tackled Main Street litter; orchestrating fund raisers for 
Nashua beautification projects; and taking a major role in 
the restoration of the Hunt Memorial building. . . Goyette 
has spearheaded work on 'Nashua in Time and Place,' a 
photographic history of the city due to be published this 


Gloria Sylvia Paolella 

34 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675 

We were sorry to learn from Janet Dale Hirsh of the 
death of her husband and send her our sincere condo- 

Millicent Entwistle Crawford is happily retired in 
Boothbay, ME. 

Jeanne Franklin Bates and her husband, Jim, had a 
great visit last September on Cape Cod with Sarah Cross 
Finigan and Dottie Harvender Kleiderlein, and were sor- 
ry to have missed seeing Eunice Watson Crosen. 

Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt writes "All the same! 
Family all doing well — what more could I want." 

Linda Koempel Tompkins and Fred love being retired. 
They sail on Chesapeake Bay, visit family (including two 
great-grandsons) and friends throughout New England, 
New York, and Florida. Linda would welcome a visit from 

Frances Lake Gray had a wonderful visit with all three 
of her children at the same time last summer. 

Joanne McMillan Mars and her husband are retired 
and enjoying life in a condo overlooking Smith Mountain 
Lake in southwestern Virginia. 

We send deepest sympathy to Jean Morgan Koenitzer on 
the death last July of her husband, Larry. He was a regular 
attendee at Lasell Horida events and will be greatly missed by 
all who enjoyed his company at those gatherings. 

Dorothy Papani Palmer sends greetings to "all my 
wonderful classmates!" 

Anita Triantaf el Hatzis and her husband, Tom, were 
delighted to welcome their fourth grandchild, a baby girl, 
last August. 

Jane Upton Patten retired in 1998 after 30 years with 
TOPS Club. 

Beverly Yeates McCormick and her husband, Mac, vis- 
ited four of the Hawaiian Islands last fall. Bev is having 
lots of fun with her computer and would love to hear from 


Nancy Larsen Bailey 

135 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842-1908 

Joanne Bossi True is working at the Waltham Public 
Library and has seven grandchildren. 

Virginia Bowers Noyes has been retired for five years 
and lives on the Maine coast where she volunteers for the 
local hospital, the Portland Symphony, and the Portland 
Stage Company. She enjoyed a two-week tour of Italy last 
October during which Sallyann Bartlett Abel '51 was her 

During a dedication ceremony last September, The 
University of Southern Maine named their hockey field 
after Paula Drake Hodgdon and also inducted her into the 
Husky Hall of Fame. 

We were so sorry to learn from Ann Myers Beck that 
her husband passed away in September 1998 and send our 
sincere condolences. 

Shirley Thorne Brady and her husband enjoy surf fish- 
ing each fall. Shirley is busy with volunteer work on the 
environmental commission and with garden club. She has 
two grandchildren. 

After enjoying a great 50th Reunion, Judith Tracy 
Shanahan recommends a campus visit to all. Judy spends 
winters in Horida and is lucky to have three of her four 
children living near her in New Hampshire. 

Gloria Wurth Harrison and her husband spent last 
winter in Hong Kong and traveled again throughout 
Southeast Asia. They celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary last year and gathered their six children, their 
spouses, and 16 grandchildren for a few weeks of fun on 
the New Jersey shore. 


Nancy Lawson Donahue 

52 Belmont Avenue, Lowell, MA 01852 

Priscilla Aldrich Randell volunteers three afternoons 
each week at the Provincetown (MA) Library where she 
runs the front desk. 

Shirley Anderson Daly has worked as an interior 
designer and in education. Retired now, she enjoys exhibit- 
ing her paintings and spent a week in Bermuda painting 
with other artists. Shirley is delighted with her new baby 

Ann Ashley Sanderson and her husband, Ted, five 
eight months on Marco Island and four months in 
Wisconsin. She is active at church, plays bridge and enjoys 
boating, cruising, book club and exercising. 

Katherine Babcock Hansen is very busy and enjoys her 
volunteer work tremendously. 

Corinne Capone McGuiggan retired from 27 years of 
teaching Home Economics in 1991. She enjoys following 
her grandchildren's school and sports activities. 

Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley is looking forward to 50th 
Reunion this spring and hopes to see many classmates 

Martha Hurd Davenport is active with the Red Cross 
and other volunteer activities. She loves to knit and has 
taught knitting to grammar school children. 

Natalie Knight Rogers loves her full-time work as man- 
ager of Natalie's Hallmark in Rochester, Minnesota. She 
has 12 grandchildren and eight great-grand-grandchildren 
("too young to have all of those!!)" Nat doesn't travel much 
anymore because her husband, Jack, suffers from emphyse- 
ma, but she would love to come east sometime. 

Nancy Lawson Donahue is a very active member of the 
Lasell Board of Trustees. She has raised 11 children and her 
community activities have included founding a theatre and 
serving on many cultural and educational boards. 

After 25 years Diane Palady Barry and her husband, 
Jim, sold their "choose and cut" Christmas tree farm in 
Grafton, MA, and moved to Hat Rock, NC. Diane had 
lunch with Alyce Stone Sanders '48. 

Patricia Penry Van Hoesen is president of Premier 
Shipping Co. in Scotch Plains, NJ. She ran this family busi- 
ness after her husband was taken suddenly ill in February 
1998 and reports "a quick learning experience — all is now 
under control." 

Norma Pickett Wise welcomed her sixth grandchild, a 
little boy, in August 1997 and was planning to visit Vicki 
Stone Leary in California this August. 

After finding she didn't like retirement, Josephine 
Sanborn Hickey is again working as a realtor for Coldwell 
Banker in Clearwater, FL. 

Although they hadn't seen each other for 40 years, 
Virginia Towe Beck writes that she and her former room- 
mate, Janet Coddington Halliday, had a great reunion 
when they met in Red Bank, NJ, last June. 

Jane Wadhams Hazen is looking forward to Reunion 
and seeing the changes at Lasell. She encourages all class- 
mates to attend. Jane is a member of a handbell ringing 
group and is a deacon at her church. She loves to visit her 
three grandchildren. 

Janet White MacLure writes "I am pretty much out of 
volunteer work because we travel a lot and spend 3—4 
months in Florida. I play a lot of golf — poorly," she adds. 

Joan Wolfe Wickham is a sales associate at Sundance 
Realty in Daytona Beach, FL. She sees Gene Starrett 
Anderson and her husband, Chet, at least three times a 


Class Notes 


Nancv Bean Lord 

771 Camden Road, Hope, ME 04847 
Marni Nahigian Sarkisian 

256 South Avenue, Weston, MA 02493 

We send our deepest sympathy to Joan Antun Rednor 
whose mother passed away last September at the age of 95. 

Janet Bell Luening and her husband spent last year 
traveling to Turkey, England, Wales, and Scotland and 
seeing friends in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Maine. 

We send our sincere condolences to Marilyn Caterson 
Zimmerman whose husband, Charlie, died in April 1998 
after a long bout with leukemia. 

Joyce Davies Harrison recently welcomed her fifth 

Elizabeth Depoian Chicknavorian and her husband 
are busy golfing, playing bridge, and taking mini-vaca- 

Congratulations to Marion Ettinger Steinmetz who 
welcomed a new grandson last November. 

Virginia Hibbert Weldon and her husband are the 
proud grandparents of 21 grandchildren! 

Sally Hughes Fasick had a great visit with Carmen 
Welch Clark, Naomi Cox Santoro and Harriet Schwarz 
Ryan '51 last summer and always sees Dot Goehring 
Rourke in Orleans, each summer. 

Elizabeth Kerrivan Davidson sends best wishes to all 
classmates. She enjoys parenting and grandparenting, and 
although 1998 was a year of serious illness for her hus- 
band, Elizabeth managed a delightful September reunion 
in Waltham with Mamie Nahigian Sarkisian and Anita 
Angelus Koulopoulos. 

We send our condolences to Anne Mastin Egner on the 
death of her husband of 41 years, Robert. 

Janet Murphy George has been elected president of her 
federated woman's club. 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian vacationed out west last 
year, and saw Elizabeth Kerrivan Davidson and Anita 
Angelus Koulopoulos at their Newton High School 50th 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay and her husband are 
dividing their time between Boca Raton and Lausanne, 
Switzerland. They look forward to a visit with their son in 
Hong Kong. 

Jean Ostrander Lowman loves her part-time work as a 
medical transcriptionist. She has four grandchildren and is 
delighted that the youngest fives not far from her Florida 

Mary Ribarich Connick and her husband are enjoying 
their seven grandchildren who all five near them in their 
Irvington, NY, home. They love the Florida beaches near 
their home in Bradenton Beach and are learning to play 

Joan Robilotto Gibson has two daughters and a son, all 
living within two hours of her home. 

Barbara Schnelle Orton is enjoying her two grandsons. 

Esther Snowdon Richmond would love to hear from 
any alums who visit Palmer, Alaska. 

Jacquelyn Temperley Jennings was admitted to the 
National Library of Poetry in 1997, and her poem, "Once in 
a Lifetime," was published in the 1998 Anthology of Poetry. 

Carmen Welch Clark enjoyed lunching last August in 
Hyannis, with Sally Hughes Fasick, Naomi Cox Santoro 
and Harriet Schwarz Allen '51. They had a great visit and 
lots of laughs. 


Libbie Fleet Glazer 

94 Fairfield Street, Lowell, MA 01851-3911 

Kathleen Ballard Heck enjoys her 12 grandchildren 
and traveling. 

Sallyann Bartlett Abel had wonderful visits from Alice 
Pittenger and Joyce Weitzel Flanagan last summer, and 
enjoyed a trip to Italy in October. "My first year of year- 
round living in Maine has been great." 

Anne Ivers Reiske works as a medical secretary and 
loves it. She planned a trip to Alabama last August to wel- 
come her third grandchild. 

Barbara Jankowski Rusch has been retired for a year 
and is enjoying her travels to North Carolina, Florida, 
Vermont, Aruba and California. 

Last July Charlotte Kelley Campbell and her husband, 
Tom, welcomed their seventh grandchild, a little boy. 
Charlotte continues working on a part-time basis as a den- 
tal hygienist. 

Beverly Pink Reynolds has four grandsons all living 
nearby. She continues her travels in the US and Europe and 
remains interested in antiques and music. 

Elaine Quavillon Tull recently moved to Arizona 
where, to her surprise and delight, she discovered that her 
freshman sister, Ann Rathburn Spadola '52, lives in the 
same gated community! 

Peggyanne Riker Miller and her husband, Bob, have 
two grandchildren, travel when they can and enjoy their 

We send our condolences to Betty Lou Shattuck 
Musser whose husband died last September. 

Ann Van der Veer Bradley is looking forward to 
Reunion 2001 and would like to hear from "Bloomfield, NJ, 
graduates class of '51 L.J.C." She and her husband spend 
winters in Florida. 

Patricia Walsh Barry and her husband are enjoying 
their retirement travels that include visits to their six chil- 
dren and 14 grandchildren. 


Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 

6 West 14th Street, P.O. Box 57 
Barnegat Light, NJ 08006 

Eleven members of Briggs '52 at their reunion June 16-18, 1998, at the home 
of Ruth and Dick Cederberg in Mattapoisett, MA. Back row: Lois 
Armstrong Howland, Mary Lou Woodward Robinson, Marilyn McGuire, 
Pauline Coady Goodwin, Ann Alden Allen, Virginia Smibert Swanson, 
Carol Michiels Dunlap. Front Row: Dottie Mulhere Barrett, Barbara Herzog 
Burns, Ruth Easterlind Cederberg, Beverly Segerberg Britton. 

Ann Alden Allen lives in Lexington, SC. She plays ten- 
nis, is a watercolorist, quilter and house painter and loves 
antiquing, gardening and baking. 

Nancy Allen Banks rejoices in her seven grandchildren. 
She and her husband, Art, are enjoying retirement and 

Lois Armstrong Howland has moved back to the 
antique farmhouse in East Sandwich, MA, where she grew 
up. She has five children and five grandchildren, and 
enjoys oil painting, fixing up her house, sewing, traveling, 
and reading. 

Jean Aslaksen Podimsky welcomed a new grandchild 
last year and is very busy as president of her local taxpay- 
er's organization, and with her bookkeeping work for a 
commercial fishing marina. 

Janet Bolster Peterson's future plans include attending 
her 50th Reunion. She is working with the police depart- 
ment in crime fighting, specifically dealing with gangs and 
drugs. Janet travels occasionally to Mexico and New York 
and takes care of her five cats. She swims every day and 
looks forward to seeing "Clark friends" at reunion. 

Rosalie Caiger Sargent sends greetings to all "the 
Pickard House ladies." 

Pauline Coady Goodwin has played golf for 53 years! 
She also enjoys traveling and entering duplicate bridge 
tournaments. She has five children and five grandchildren. 

Chloe Comstock Singarella and her husband, John, 
spent their third summer working in Yellowstone National 
Park. It was a very busy season and they did a lot of hiking 
and animal watching — "a great experience again." 

Ruth Easterlind Cederberg and her husband, Dick, are 
retired and living in Mattapoisett, MA. They have four 
children and six grandchildren. Ruth is a driver for a 
"neighbor helping neighbor" program organized by the 
Council on Aging and last year, with two other women, 
planted an historical herb garden at the local Historical 
Society Museum. 

Bernardine (Bonnie) Gill Smith sends her best to class- 
mates and wishes a happy and healthy year to all. 

Barbara Herzog Burns and her husband, Charlie, have 
lived in Atlanta for 28 years. Barbara loves traveling and 
antiquing and has a small spot in an antique shop in his- 

toric Marietta Square. Each year she serves as chair of her 
church flea market. 

Virginia Johnson Irwin teaches music at two 
preschools. She has six grandchildren and spends the 
winter in Florida. 

Marilyn McGuire is busy in her retirement with travel, 
volunteer work, church activities, golf, reading, friends, 
and caring for her aunt. Marilyn continues to work on 
mastering the art of simplifying her life. Many thanks to 
Marilyn for sending us the wealth of information and 
photos from the Briggs Reunion. 

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Audrey McKay 
Prince whose son, Robert, died in December 1997 at the 
age of 40, leaving a wife, son and daughter. 

Carol Michiels Dunlap has two daughters and four 
granddaughters. She has been in the real estate business 
for 20 years and remains active in many local activities 
and organizations. Her latest undertaking is redoing her 
1850 house. 

Dorothy Mulhere Barrett and her husband live in 
Florida where she enjoys teaching children to swim and 
taking courses at the local college — from quilting to com- 
puters. She and her husband share a love of travel. 

Geraldine Paulmier Sutphen recently visited Suzanne 
Baney Berghaus at Sue's home in Cape 
May, NJ. While she was there Barbara 
Rost Goodman called from Texas and 
the three had a wonderful chat! 

Charlotte Petrone Fischer and her 
husband, Jerry, share a love for tennis, 
golf and gardening. They have three 
daughters and three grandchildren and 
have been co-chairs for six years of their 
successful library building fund. 

Elsie Salkind Scotti and her family 
opened their fourth store in Gillette, NJ, 
last September. She and her husband 
are semi-retired and their three sons are 
running the business. They have three 

Beverly Segerberg Britton has loved 
living in New York City for almost 25 
years. She works with American 
Express corporate travel and visits her 
two sons and two grandchildren in 
New Mexico and Utah. 

Barbara Sieder Coumbe has trav- 
eled a great deal since her husband 
passed away. She visited Africa on a 
safari, the Scheyelle Islands and Luxor, 
Egypt, and took a 12-day trip on a small 
ship through and around the Panama 
Canal Zone, San Bias Island, and the 
Darien Rain Forest. This past summer she attended two 
Elderhostel weeks — one in Anchorage and another in 
Denali National Park. Barbara plays tennis and paints. 

Virginia Smibert Swanson fives in West Haven, CT, 
close to her mother's house. She has a son and enjoys trav- 
eling, gardening, golf and "especially the feeling that life 
has been good to me." 

Joyce Wardle Chapman writes: "I had to miss the 
Briggs House 45th Reunion at Ruth Easterlind 
Cederberg's home due to sale and closure of our business. 
However, Virginia Smibert Swanson had a mini-reunion 
following which was great fun. Retirement had a wonder- 
ful beginning but my husband's cancer has somewhat 
diminished it at the moment. Hi to everyone." 


Elizabeth Keys Gage 

49 Twilight Road, Bay Head, NJ 08742-4758 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 

2840 Doncaster Road, Columbus, OH 43221-3034 

Diane Cueny Harden and her husband, Roger, have 
moved from their New Jersey home to Tampa, FL, and 
look forward to doing much more traveling. 

Mary Ann Donahue writes: "Fund-raising on air plus 
everything else that goes with my job description keeps me 
hopping! It was a live James Taylor concert that prevented 
my joining classmates for our Reunion. Also working on 
another novel. (Whew!)" 

After 38 years in their 10-room home, Joy Ufford 
Penderville and her husband, Jack, moved into a smaller 
apartment attached to their oldest daughter's home and 
they care for two of their six grandchildren every day. 

Virginia Wilder Melitz reports "All is well in wet 
Ventura County, CA. We survived El Nino. Our thoughts 
and prayers to all who suffered." Virginia enjoys snow- 

Olga Suro writes: "Retired in June 1995 — very happy 
doing nothing." 

Class Notes 



Corinne Coyle Lydem 

7 Fitzpatrick Road, Ansonia, CT 06401 

Ann Bowerman Logan and her husband, Bob, find 
themselves busier than ever in retirement. They have seven 
children and 11 grandchildren and spend winters in 
Naples, FL, and summers traveling to Maine, Vermont, 
and Massachusetts (where they enjoy the BSO at Tangle- 
wood on their wedding anniversary every year). The 
Logans have been married 42 years. 

Sandra Davis Mather teaches in California and, during 
her two-month vacation each year, enjoys traveling to exot- 
ic places — the Amazon, Africa, and Galapagos Islands. 

Congratulations to Hope Duguid Dauwalter who was 
honored by the Newton Child Care Commission with its 
annual Child Care Advocate of the Year Award. She 
remains active in early childhood issues and enjoys sailing, 
walking and skiing in New Hampshire. 

Sally Evans Nungesser summers in the Adirondacks 
and has traveled to England and Europe. She enjoys her 
four grandsons, swims every day, and has joined an art 

Anna-Mae George Barney is a fashion consultant at 
The Store in Wellesley. 

While attending last fall's Lasell event that included a 
tour of the American Stock Exchange and dinner at the 
Wall Street Restaurant, Thelma Greenberg Florin met 
classmate Anne Kempel Green. The two hadn't seen each 
other since graduation and made plans for Anne to join the 
Horins for Thanksgiving at their summer home in the 

Judy Hansen has moved from Connecticut to Owls 
Head, ME. 

Priscilla Head Davis lives in Harwich Port on the Cape 
and would love to see any classmates who are down that 
way. She will miss Reunion as she and her husband, who 
love to travel and take two or three major trips a year, will 
be on a cruise of European rivers from Amsterdam to 
Vienna at that time. Priscilla is involved with garden club, 
church activities, and as a volunteer at the Museum of 
Natural History and the local medical center. 

Judy MacMahon Holmes and her husband, Kirby, have 
been married 42 years and are enjoying their five grand- 
sons and some leisure time. She sends wishes for good 
health and happiness for all in 1999. 

Ruth Murdick Dallape is working a fun job in a family 
owned bookstore. Among her interests are quilting — she 
runs two quilting workshops each year — and square 

Lorraine Nelson Stevens lives in Arlington, MA. She 
and her husband have three children and are "retired and 

Joan Pickett Morrow and her husband, Doug, recently 
visited Australia where they attended their son's gradua- 

While in Florida Margaret Robson Priddy saw her for- 
mer roommate, Lee Fuller Hoag. Annette Dufton Dagg 
joined Margaret, her daughter and granddaughter for 
lunch and sightseeing in Washington, DC, last spring. 

Penelope Thompson is a retired social worker. She 
lives on a canal in Astatula, FL, 32 miles northwest of 
Orlando. Pennie enjoys her boat and garden and would 
love to hear from anyone down her way. 


Susan Twichell Nelson 

25 Westford Road, Concord, MA 01742 

Jacqueline Cain Sheils retired in March and is "won- 
dering how I ever found time to work. I'm doing what I 

Merna Carl Justis is recovering from a leg injury and 
recently moved to a new house in Colorado Springs. Her 
youngest son was married last fall. 

Nancy Curtis Kern has retired from the Fordham 
Library at Wright State University in Dayton, OH. She and 
her husband, George, have been taking classes at the 
University of Dayton and enjoy visiting with sons and 
daughters and grandchildren in various locations through- 
out the United States. 

Sandra Lally Hovey keeps in touch with Patricia 
Downing Card and Shirley Palmaccio Stolfors. She loves 
the Pacific Northwest and would be happy to hear from 
anyone who lives near her home in Vancouver, WA. 

Lucille Marden Randall travels to Horida and 
Washington state, where she caught two large salmon on 
Puget Sound. She also enjoys church activities, Eastern 
Star, and her grandchildren. 

Marilyn Meyer Herlin and Valerie Montanez Barto 
had a wonderful trip to Cape Cod and Nantucket. Marilyn 

is busy with real estate and antique appraising and Valerie 
reports that their visit was "like old times!" 

Joan Murano Swanson works at the University of 
Rochester in New York and her son was married last 

We send out sincere condolences to Lucinda Nolin 
Johnson and Linda Nolin Ahern upon the death of their 
mother last June. 

Nancy Peirce Rudolph reports "excellent Trustee meet- 
ing and kickoff for the Lasell 150 Campaign" on June 15, 

Betty Price Scott and her husband, Jim, toured the 
British Isles in 1997 and wondered why they had waited so 
long. They planned to spend part of last summer here in 
New England. 

Anita Royer Martin welcomed three new grandchil- 
dren recently. 

Jean Ryder Tyler continues her work as one of four 
ministers in a large Methodist Church. The focus of her 
ministry is Christian education as well as pastoral ministry. 

Jean and Peggy Tomlinson Morrow discovered last 
year that they live within an hour of each other in Ohio 
(Worthington and Granville), so they had a reunion — 
their first since graduation! "Lots of memories shared. Jean 
travels to visit her three daughters and their families, 
including 11 grandchildren. 

Carol) ean Somers Ogrodnik finds herself busier than 
ever in retirement. She does volunteer social work with the 
Virginia Beach Department of Social Services in the adult 
protection unit and is active in the Virginia Beach Task 
Force on Aging. Caroljean had a hip replacement and is 
"ready to run again." She'd love to hear from other 
Lasellites in her area. 

Barbara Travis Hendrick spends nine months in 
Florida and three at her farm in New Hampshire — "the 
best of both worlds." She met her college roommate, Ann 
Haskew, in Las Vegas last May and together — "we had a 

Marilyn Valter Maclay is enjoying retirement very 
much. She keeps busy with community volunteering and 
she and her husband enjoy traveling, cruises and, most of 
all, their condo in Maui. 


Deanne Dario Sferrino 

10 Liberty Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803 

Dorothy Craig Kochli is retired and living on Hilton 
Head Island where Avery Leach Egloff '63 is one of her 

Deanne Dario Sferrino and her husband celebrated 
their 40th anniversary last October while on safari in 

We were sorry to learn of the death of Georgia Davis 
Smith's husband and we send her out sincere condolences. 

Natalie Flather Humphrey works as a volunteer coor- 
dinator of the Tacoma Art Museum. She is enjoying her 
"marriage of 42 years, nine grandchildren, traveling, and 
life in general." 

Joan Hoffman Wark enjoys her three grandchildren 
and her retirement. 

Carol LeCompte Cuthbert has been retired for two 
years in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and loves it. 

Judith Littlefield Clark returned from a wonderful 
walking trip in Switzerland just in time to welcome her 
second grandchild, a little girl. 

Barbara Murdock Woods welcomed her fifth grand- 
child last October. 

Penelope Rafkin Blake welcomed her 10th grandchild 
last fall and saw many Lasell grads at Sandra Lavine 
Kanosky's daughter's wedding. "We never age" she 

Joan Raymond Healey and her husband enjoy golfing 
and traveling in their retirement. 

Kathryn Rohleder Oetting lives in Gardnerville, NV. 
She and her husband enjoy RV-ing and traveling and 
Kathryn is involved in many organizations. 


Ada Whitmore Suydam 

35 Carey Road, Needham, MA 02494-1103 

We were sorry to learn from Sonja Baker Carr that her 
husband passed away and we send her our sincere condo- 

Ann Bidwell Sanborn is enjoying her retirement. She 
and her family had a grand family get-together in 
Kennebunkport, ME, last year. 

We were sorry to learn from Cynthia Clark Rose that 
her husband of 39 years, Phil, passed away in March 1997. 
She is slowly adjusting and has three children and six 

Eileen Conradi Lynch works as a probation officer for 
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and hopes to retire in 
a few more years. She has enjoyed cruises to the 
Mediterranean, Scandinavia and St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen told us in November that her 
husband of 40 years is awaiting a liver transplant and they 
would appreciate any information on that subject from 

Marcia James Carthaus replaced her full-time career 
with almost full-time volunteer work for a variety of non- 
profits. She and one other person were named National 
Women of Achievement for Chi Omega Sorority for 1998. 

Caroline Killam Moller was blessed with her first two 
grandchildren in 1998. Last summer she visited Helena 
Hartnett, former Dean of External Affairs, at the New 
Bedford Whaling Museum, where she is development 

Virginia Krauss White and her husband are enjoying 
their seven grandchildren. She is retired after caring for 
small children for 20 years. 

Carol Praeter Feldmann's youngest son was married in 
September 1998. 


Betty Anderson Fairchild 

5 Grennan Road, West Hartford, CT 06107-1818 

Betty Anderson Fairchild '58 struts her stuff! 

Barbara Batty Brown writes: "40th Reunion was great. 
Thank you Betty and all others who worked so hard to 
make it a success. Campus police were a big help!!! See you 
at the 45th." 

Jeanne Bradner Morgan writes, "Had a great time at 
our 40th renewing old friendships and touching base with 
classmates. Reunions always erase the years. Those years at 
Lasell were the greatest." 

Gwen Buell Allard looks forward to her retirement 
when she will have more time to teach those with special 
challenges how to ski. 

Margaret Harman Eaton welcomed a new grandson 
last July and enjoyed a wonderful trip to Alaska. She 
reports that it's great having e-mail to "chat" with old 

Sarah Requa Guthridge's daughter was married last 

After 21 years as owner of "Animal Crackers," Ann 
Reeves Burton has sold that business and is running 
"Jamisons'" gourmet chocolate instead. 

Helene Schwartz Perry is assistant principal of an 
elementary school. She and her husband have two new 
grandsons and recently traveled to Holland and Belgium. 


Linda Gould Marshall 

2002 Freedom Lane, Falls Church, VA 22043 

After having served as Pastor of the Avon Baptist 
Church for more than eight years, Linda Bailey Bolton 
moved to Gilmanton, NH, where she serves as Pastor of 
the United and Centre Community Churches of 

Susan Bravman Uretsky is a lab technician at the 
department of microbiology at Harvard Medical School. 
She has two grandchildren. 

Betsy Coulson Conrad retired from teaching last April. 
She has been recovering from cancer treatment — we wish 
you a speedy and full recovery. 

Kathryn Eckert Bodner is retired and her interests cen- 
ter around gardening and the environment, learning to 
play golf, the Turtle Watch Program and enjoying her 
beach surroundings. 

Joanne Gullo Gormley has sold her restaurant business 
and home. She has two grandchildren. 


Class Notes 


Marilyn Miller Harris has been a real estate broker 
with the same firm in Greenwich, CT, for 26 years. Her 
husband is a pilot and they love to travel. 

Mary Ann Stackpole Johnson and her husband, 
Woody, have owned their abstracting company for seven 
vears. Their favorite place to visit is Cape Breton, Nova 
Scotia, where they have a home and hope to retire soon. 

Harriet Stallings Jarosh has been active in AAUW, 
holding local and state offices. She loves to travel and is 
becoming involved in Elderhostel activities. Harriet is a 
collection development librarian and enjoys her summer 
home at Rehoboth Beach, DE. 


Faith Bowker Maloney 

63 Burnt Swamp Road, Wrentham, MA 02093 

Joan Corthouts McCormick, Marilyn Senior Legg, 
Wendy Holmes-Pearson and Michele Poirier Gorman 
on Cape Cod last summer. 

Barbara Bogert Wahlberg reports that she is an active 
volunteer and avid golfer. 

Joan Corthouts McCormick spent a lovely week on the 
Cape last summer with classmates Marilyn Senior Legg, 
Wendy Holmes-Pearson, and Michele Poirier Gorman. 

Minna Golden Levin works part-time at the Rugged 
Bear in Hanover, NH. She has three grandchildren and 
spends most summer weekends at her second home in 
Quechee, VT, and winter vacation in the south. 

Martha Goodwin Bissonnette is enjoying her retire- 
ment very much. She keeps busy volunteering and travel- 
ing, and stays in touch with Carole Raffel Waksler and 
Joan Herrick Cauley — "where are the other Blaisdell 

Nancy Hoey Hanson enjoyed a wonderful two-week 
trip to England with her husband, Dave, last year. 

Barbara Jacoby Adelstein's daughter and son are 

Marjory Kline Bebchick is an office manager at the 
new Courthouse in Boston. She welcomed a new grandson 
in 1997 and is looking forward to her daughter's wedding 
in June. 

Nancy Perkins Sousa has retired from Polaroid and 
works two days a week as a medical secretary. She has two 
grandsons and is Regent of the Norwood DAR Chapter. 

Carole Raffel Waksler was looking forward to her 
son's March wedding. She also has a daughter. 

Barbara Solov Cohen lives in Framingham and teaches 
pre-school. She has two sons and sees Vivien Miller 
Spertner and Carol Civetti Monaghan '59 frequently. 

Susann York Stadtfeld is still working part-time in the 
travel business. She plays golf whenever possible and is 
enjoying her new little grandson. 


Ann Porcaro Mucera 

P.O. Box 278, Rockport, MA 01966-0378 

Georgia Beaumont Tramontano has two grandchil- 

Carolyn Bird Murray enjoys Maine reunions with 
many Pickard House classmates, three of whom live within 
an hour's drive of her home. Her second daughter was 
married last August in a beautiful Native American style 

Barbara Davis Delano plans to retire from teaching in 
June. She and her husband have three sons and a new 
grandson and, last year, celebrated their 35th wedding 
anniversary while on a cruise in Europe. 

Always on the lookout for great wine, Carolyn Piaster 
Goldenberg is building a 2000 bottle wine cellar. She and 
her family enjoy an annual ski week together. 

A note to all from Jane Harmon Carr: "Stop in at The 
Market Basket in Rockport, ME, and say hello to the proud 
new owner — a great gourmet food store!" 

Lynne Horner Martin's son and daughter were 
both married last year and another daughter has 
started college. 

Laura Jensen wrote last fall from Fearrington Village, 
NC: "Our transition to life in North Carolina has gone off 
with nary a hitch. Building a house, of course, has repre- 
sented challenges. We still have boxes to unpack and pic- 
tures to hang but we're learning our way around our new 
neighborhood and making new acquaintances. I recently 
joined several 'girl' friends on a six-day walking trip in 
Dorset, England, and then Jack and I traveled to Norway to 
explore some of my 'roots.' After Thanksgiving in 
Scottsdale with Wendy Wolfenden we're looking forward 
to our first holiday season in Fearrington." 

Carole Kirschner Wilson enjoyed a wonderful month 
of May last year in Switzerland and France. She "took a 
wine connoisseur course at Chateau Magnol outside of 
Bourdeaux for a week with a 5-star chef and fairy tale 
accommodations. It was educational and indulgent, and 
visiting all the local wineries was an education in French 
lifestyle and food." Carole asks if someone knows how to 
contact Marilyn Ashlock Pintino. 

Linda Norwell Gaulin teaches family and consumer 
science in middle school and has three grandchildren. 

Jane Parsons Dolbier got together with Jane Kendrigan 
and Carol Healy McKinnon at the wedding of Linda 
Grean Curtis' son in New Haven, CT, last July. 

Donna Skillings Kessler and her husband have three 
grandchildren. After he retired in January their plans were 
to travel and play golf. 

Nan Sparks Hunter is working for Embassy Vacation 
Resorts in Myrtle Beach, SC. Her children and grandchil- 
dren are spread out across the United States. 

Sheila Stevenson Hudson has worked at Hanover 
Insurance Company for almost 18 years. She and her hus- 
band of 35 years have two children and three grandchil- 

Peggy Ullman Cohen has three children and two 


Linda Resnick Baer 

9 Columbine Drive, Nashua, NH 03063-2113 
e-mail: lindabaer@aol. com 

Ann Abbott Bowler and her recently retired husband, 
Ed, plan to travel, especially in their new RV. She would 
love to hear from former classmates. 

Linda Bald Lathrop's stepdaughter was married last 
October and later that month the Lathrops joined Jean 
DiGiorgio Buchanan, her husband Dave, and 46 others for 
a Caribbean cruise. 

Mary Jane Fallona Sheehan is an attorney and vice 
president for adrninistration for a non-profit research insti- 
tute in Maine. She and her husband of 37 years live in 
Kennebunkport and have four children and eight grand- 

Robin MacCloskey Mclnnis is active in the family flo- 
ral business. Her son was recently married. 

Betsy MacMillan Blackledge enjoys teaching second 
grade in Mesa, AZ. Her two sons live only a mile from her. 

Betsey Mercer Rockett married her high school sweet- 
heart in 1997. "We are empty-nesters and newlyweds!" 
They have three grandchildren. "Life is good — this was 
worth waiting for." 

Carol Miller Glassman sends best wishes to classmates 
and would love to hear from you. 

Doris Orben Campbell is a top salesperson for Mary 
Kay Cosmetics. She enjoys quilting, hiking and semi-retire- 
ment and had a wonderful family vacation in Disney 
World — "great to be a kid at play!" 

We send our sympathy to Gail Penfield Dawley whose 
husband passed away last fall. 

Karen Smith Grover is placing exchange students in 
the high schools in the Rochester, NY area. She and Don 
have a student from Germany living with them and their 
two daughters live in Arizona and Colorado, making 
visits ideal. 


Karin Skooglund Bartow 

26 Grozier Road, Cambridge, MA 02138-3315 

Jeanne Chase Peckham is a collegiate gymnastics judge 
and member of the Massachusetts judges board. She runs 
the Sharon Recreation Gym and Dance program and has 
three grandchildren. 

JoAnn Jacobson is working in the child support unit at 
Social Services and is active in Landmarks Society, an orga- 
nization trying to preserve and save older buildings in the 
Utica, NY, area. 

Ellen Kaplan Gi ttleman and her husband, Allan, look 
forward to their visits out west to visit a daughter in 
Arizona. Another daughter was married last June. 

Susan Woodruff Bieling enjoys seeing her Lasell room- 
mate, Barbara Noorigian Meehan and her husband, sever- 
al times a year. One of Susan's two daughters lives in 
France — "a wonderful place and excuse to visit." 


Marjorie Bickmore Laferty is a dental assistant work- 
ing on research projects. She is a library trustee, active in 
her church, and she and her husband have two sons. 

Christine Borden Jennings is a long-term care nurse. 
She works at both a nursing home and an assisted living 
complex and is interested in gardening, sewing and 

Last October Jane Boyden Kropp retired from the 
Boston Public Schools (after 29 years) and she and her hus- 
band moved to Southern California "where we're enjoying 
every minute!" 

Susan Coster Malsin owns Chesapeake Motoryacht 
Sales in Oxford, MD. Her daughter is being married at 
Reunion time and she welcomed a baby granddaughter in 

Ruth DeWitt Ghia built a database application for her 
local Chamber of Commerce but, although she continues to 
enjoy developing software, hasn't been too serious about 
full-time work since the arrival of her first grandchild. She 
has a keen interest in home automation and passive solar 
homes. "I'm a grandmother, finally, and look forward to 
teaching her to ski!" 

Congratulations to Lee Dunstane Vandermark whose 
shop, The Gardener's Cottage in Portsmouth, NH, was 
recently named among the most outstanding in the country 
by Garden Design Magazine. 

Susan Humphreys Klein is executive vice president 
and CFO of the International Society for Pharmaceutical 
Engineering. She and her husband are active with the 
worldwide movement called Teams of Our Lady. 

Marsha Keyes Tucker is a member of the Lasell Alumni 
Board of Management and a guide at The Golden Ball 
Tavern Museum in Weston. 

Gail Kwaak Arnold met her Lasell roommate, Susan 
Gilland Smith, in Philadelphia last fall and they had a 
great time catching up after not having seen each other for 
31 years! 

Beverly Landros Bley works part-time teaching leader- 
ship skills (to women), conflict management, communica- 
tion and team building skills, stress management, and 
assertiveness training, usually at the Naval Research Lab in 

Susan Miller-Havens held an open studio in 
Cambridge last October and has found that her careers in 
nursing and psychology have made her a better artist. 

Eleanor Rosen Rouf f is a secretary with the Depart- 
ment of Special Education in Montgomery County, MD. 


Linda Foster Nixon 

202 Stage Island Road, Chatham, MA 02633 
Susan Layng Bogle 

11605 SW 103rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 

We were so sorry to learn from Cynthia Ames 
Gardiner of the sudden death of her husband last Novem- 
ber and send her and her family our sincere condolences. 

Thanks to Susanne Benz Sweeny for sending us the 
article about herself and her company, The Leadership 
Connection, in Fairfield, CT., which offers consulting and 
educational programs for business and management per- 
sonnel. She also helps people on a one-to-one basis to 
define their personal goals. Susanne is a psychologist and 
works as a counselor and trainer to help people develop 
work skills and understand and accept diversity. 

Carole Bourdon Suddaby is an RN and manages an 
older adult program at a community hospital. She and her 
husband of 32 years have two adult daughters. 

Sheryl Chapman Kammer spoke with Sally Beaven 
Elsasser after some 25 years last December — "the years 
just faded away!" Sheryl has three daughters and a son. 

Mary Harrison Lansing writes that she "loves 
Minnesota. Stop in and see me and we will go to the Mall 
of America and shop 'til we drop!" 

Judith Kaufman Swartz , mother of two daughters, is 

Eleanor Lamsen Brewster is the lead teacher at her 
church and looking forward to semi-retiring in the next 
few years. She and her husband have four grandchildren 
and visited the Grand Canyon on their trip west. 

Jill Norton Weeks is the owner of The Book Boutique in 
Scarborough, ME. 

Class Notes 


Dorothy Searles Woods enjoyed the team building 
experience of the re-accreditation process at Plymouth 
North High School where she is secretary to the principal. 

Diane Yacovone Aurigemma plans to tour campus 
with her son this spring when they're in Boston to visit the 
Science Museum and Durgin Park — a fond memory. 


Sue Bratenas Gannon 

4 Gloria Lane, North Reading, MA 01864-2102 
Faye Gorfinkle Stoller 

112 Bittersweet Lane, Randolph, MA 02368 

Colette Cavanaugh Clark retired from nursing four 
years ago and has been busy since then on her husband's 
family cattle ranch in Georgia. She has returned to her avo- 
cation in art — "sculpture, pottery and painting fill my 
hours when I'm not working cows." 

Doreen Cohen Murray moved to Kansas City after liv- 
ing in Arizona for 10 years — a new adventure for her and 
her family of five children. Doreen finds herself a little clos- 
er in distance to Harriet Siegal Stich and Lynn Stern 
Taylor, who promise to visit. 

Jackie Frank Paulson lives in Bethesda, MD. Both sons 
are in college and her daughter is in high school. 

Eleanor Mackinnon Speh is an office manager for the 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Raleigh, NC. She 
has completed her master's degree in counseling but will 
wait until she retires from the government in two years to 
put it to good use. When Ellie's son was married in Boston 
last June Sandra Roberts Merill and Bonnie Kamerdiner 
Marsano '67 attended — both had been bridesmaids in 
Ellie's wedding. 

Marcia Moore Reed spent a day last summer with 
Linda Condike Ritchie whale watching in Gloucester and 
they and their husbands sailed together for a week in the 
Caribbean in January. 

Kathleen Moshure Johnson loves living in the Pacific 
Northwest where she has been for 30+ years. When in the 
Boston area she always manages a mini-reunion with 
Sandy Oakes Hammond and Carol Rouleau. 

Susan Tharaud Quater hopes to earn her degree in May 
2000. Good luck with your studies Susan! 

Carolyn White Amdurer's daughter was married last 
August and her son is a college student. Carolyn spoke 
with Susan Friedman Ambar who lives in Nashville where 
she teaches yoga. (We do not have Suzi's address Carolyn, 
and would love to send her Lasell Leaves if you'd be kind 
enough to let us know her address. Thanks!) 


Kathryn Morgan Lucey 

265 Concord Street 

Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462-1010 

Congratulations to Virginia Beecher, New Hampshire's 
Director of Motor Vehicles, who was honored with the 
American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators 
1998 Distinguished Service Award, the highest internation- 
al honor bestowed upon an AAMVA member. 

Bonnie Bunce Clark and her husband, Tom, love ski- 
ing, camping and Colorado and are very busy raising their 
nine-year-old son. "Motherhood at such a late age is wild!" 

Heather Hines Peterson owns and operates a case man- 
agement company in San Antonio called Independently 
Yours, Inc. In the course of running her business Heather 
found a nursing classmate, Aimee Gutmann Gage, who 
lives in Carrollton, TX, close to Heather's son. 

Ann Hudson North is thrilled to report that she has 
two grandsons. 

We learned from her mother, Carol Morehouse Jones 
'34, that Kathryn Jones van Renesse, is a nurse at Pittsfield 
Medical Center and has three children. 


Judith Fellows Skehan 

P.O. Box 422, Hallowell, ME 04347-0422 

Elissa Altshuler Freidus is a founding member of an 
artist cooperative, The Westboro Gallery in Westboro, MA. 
"It is a wonderful new experience which has taken me on a 
new adventure!" 

Nancy Deveno-Pagano is an art teacher in the Medfield 
Public Schools. She is completing her graduate program at 
the Mass. College of Art and will have an art show there 
this spring. Nancy is currently working with oil painting 
ideas and is interested in pin-hole photos which show 
interiors of Italian churches. 

Laura Druker Simonds is working on completing her 
bachelor's degree. Her two daughters are in college also. 

Laurie Kanters Micheau is a senior pharmaceutical 
sales consultant for Smith Kline Beecham. She has four 
children and has recently become an empty nester. 

Roberta Munce Nelson is a realtor at ReMax All Stars 
in North Reading "and loves referrals. Relocation to any- 
where in the world. . . Just Ask!" 

Sherry Swain Dey expects to earn her master's degree 
in gerontology this May. 

Janice Taylor Perruzzi's daughter graduated from col- 
lege last May. 


Mary Ann Mitchell Beaver 

80 Carriage Drive, South Windsor, CT 06074-2104 

Laura Glass and Kathy Cooper McElroy, 4/98, at Kathy's 
home in New Jersey. 

Eugenie Alexious Trefz has two sons in college now. 
She occasionally sees friends from Lasell "who still bright- 
en my days." 

Ronna Blumenthal has moved to Alameda, an island in 
San Francisco Bay. She works at the California School of 
Professional Psychology where she recently took a new 
position as contracts and grants administrator. 

Laura Glass, who has worked in Playboy's entertain- 
ment division in Beverly Hills, CA, for almost 14 years, is 
currently their manager, legal and risk management 
administration. She visited her Lasell roommate, Kathy 
Cooper McElroy, at Kathy's New Jersey home in April 
1998. Kathy works as a real estate agent. She and her hus- 
band, Kevin, have been married 24 years and have three 

Marcia McCotter teaches disabled people and welfare 
clients the skills necessary to return to the workforce and 
finds that helping people get off public assistance is very 
exciting work. 

Cynthia Rinklin Feigin is looking forward to seeing 
everyone at Reunion. She has lived in Montreal for 26 
years, has a daughter and son and is the owner of an inter- 
national consulting company. 

Leah Smith Schneier's twin daughters are college 
sophomores. She and her husband travel and have raised 
two bearded collie show dogs. 

Susan Young Charton is the owner of The Baby Place. 
She has two sons. 


Constance Farley Whittall 

Long Hill, Rowley, MA 01969 

Paula Finnegan Dickinson is a reading specialist at the 
Gilford Elementary School in New Hampshire. She and her 
husband recently moved into the new home which Paula 
designed, and they planned to attend their son's wedding 
in Nepal this winter. 

Nora Jean Ganslen is the accountant/ office manager 
for N.J. Ganslen and Associates, Inc., in Houston, TX. 

Deborah Kimerling Schneider has three sons and runs 
a marketing research and consulting business from her 
home in Atlanta, GA. 

Janice Williams Xeller works in an integrated Grade 1 
and 2 class as the special education teacher and mentors an 
intern from Russell Sage College in the special education 
master's program. 

Victoria Wright Tuller is office manager at Designers 
Workroom. She has been married 27 years and has two 
college-aged children. 


Susan Johnson Roach 

182 Curtis Road, Middlebury, CT 06762-3014 

Lucy Cappuccio Rounseville is working as an RN for 
the Justice Institute at Taunton State Hospital. She and her 
husband have been married for 27 years and have four 

Joyce Freedman Kreppel is a broker associate with 
ReMax Realty Associates in Framingham. She and her hus- 
band hope to make good use of the empty nest freedom 
now that their son is in college. 

Martha Garshman Spector is retired from nursing. She 
and her husband, Jerome, built a new home in Melbourne, 
FL, where they own a Mail Boxes Etc. business. 

Mary Hobler Hyson is a freelance photographer. One 
son is in college and a son and daughter are in high school. 

Kathryn Lockwood Benson has a son and a daughter 
and is an applications specialist for LPA Software, Inc. 

Deborah Moss Barron's youngest daughter was mar- 
ried last Labor Day at a joyous occasion on Martha's 

Ann Smith-Johannssen Forsyth is senior sales manager 
at Hyatt Regency Beaver Creek in Colorado, where she 
enjoys the beautiful Rocky Mountain winters and skiing 
and snowshoeing with her husband and two black labs. 


Diane Henault-Tosi 

39 Ladds Way, Scituate, MA 02066-1901 

Elizabeth Andrews Haidef s associate degree in child 
study from Lasell is now helping her as she pursues a new 
career in teaching. She has been subbing for several years, 
loves teaching and will spend one year getting her teaching 
certification in Wisconsin. "Thank you Lasell for a great 

Katherine Begg Kiernan works has a cytotechnologist 
at Rockville Hospital in Connecticut. She and her husband 
have a son and a daughter. 

Toby dayman is working part-time in PACU and 
enjoying watching her two daughters grow up. She and 
her family live in Phoenix. 

Evelyn Gottfried Seigle has two sons and lives in 

Janet Hakanson Jepson and her husband, Bob, traveled 
to China in 1996 to bring home their daughter, Haley 
Elizabeth. She is three now, and has brought tremendous 
joy to the Jepson family. 

We offer our sincere condolences to our colleague, 
Jeanne Johnsen, on the death of her mother last 

Dorothy Macomber Herbert is a middle school nurse 
and writes "I love the job and the kids, but boy do they get 
sick a lot!" 

Joanne White Bartlett has a teenage son and daughter. 


Lorraine Woodman-Patti 

128 Ball Hill Road, Berlin, MA 01503-1811 

Kristy Fox Berman will graduate from Rutgers this 
spring with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and plans to 
start graduate school there this fall to obtain her master's in 
social work. 


Sharon Cowles Kroker 

76 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044-5120 

Rita Alicino Wheatley teaches first grade and enjoys 
hiking and outdoor activities during her off time. One of 
her goals is to hike the Appalachian Trail (in sections). 

Madeline Berry Lasley is a special education teacher in 
Salina, CA. She has a son and daughter. 

Lauren Cottone Beckman works with her husband in 
their business, Harry Beckman, Inc., at The Jewelers 
Building in Boston. 


Pamela Brigham Lippincott 

55 John Scott Boulevard, Norton, MA 02766 
Adoree Kapopoulos McGillvary 

32 Shallow Pond Lane, East Falmouth, MA 02536 

Marianne Moran Conkey is pursuing a master's degree 
in education at Aurora University. She has lived in 
Naperville, IL, for seven years with her husband and two 


Class Notes 

Can You Tell Us . . . 



This photo ran in the last issue and we asked if anyone 
knew what it was. It involved the 75th anniversary of 
Lasell. It's safe to say the 150th celebration in 2001 will 
not reflect the same theme! 

This photo was also taken in 1926 at the 75th anniver- W 
sary at the Crow's Nest. Please contact the Alumni 
Affairs Office with any ideas that you would like to see 
at the Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2001. 


Rosemary Balberchak Koenig 

96 Tidewater Farm Road 
Stratham, NH 03885-2132 

Holly Gilfillan Ready is a self-employed artist and 
recently exhibited at Arden Gallery in Boston and her stu- 
dio at Alewife Cove in Cape Elizabeth, ME. She sees her 
mother, Peggy Bostwick Farnsworth '52 and sister Lydia 
Gilfillan Webber '77 every day and her oldest son will be 
off to college in the fall. 

Carol Morehouse Jones '34 gave us news of her daugh- 
ter, Susan Jones O'Keeffe, who is a graduate of the 
University of New Hampshire and has two children. 

Marcie Smith Thompson has three children and her 
family moved last fall to another house in Concord, MA. 


Kathleen Finnegan 

22 Patricia Lane, Darien, CT 06820 

Apologies to Marsha Camp! Thanks for being such a 
good sport, Marsha, after you were credited incorrectly 
with a granddaughter last issue! Marsha and her husband, 
Robert Allen, are the parents of two daughters, a 10-year- 
old and a one-year-old (please see Nota Bene.) 

Kristin Mackay sends her best to "all the '77 communi- 
ty mental health grads. Keep in touch." 

Cynthia Pinkham has moved to Summit, NJ, where her 
son is in the first grade. 


Sylvia Allen Hazard 

41 Nantrin Terrace, Milford, CT 06460-6741 
Mary Ann Templeton Murray 

222 Tanner Street, Manchester, CT 06040 

Janet DiSangro Donovan and her husband, Jack, have 
three daughters. Janet works part-time as an operating 
room nurse at Faulkner Hospital. 

Congratulations to Alison Ix Lutes who gave birth to 
her second child last December. Alison hears from Robyn 
Hunt Vogel, Betsy Grause Simpson and Lynn Covello. 

Sheree Loftus is publishing an article on Parkinson's in 
Primary Care. 


Betsy De Rosa Wolfe 

5 Martha Drive, Deny, NH 03038 

Patricia Drohan 

3200 S. Manchester Street, #636 
Falls Church, VA 22044 

Elizabeth Landry St. Germain is the stay-at-home 
mother of a son and daughter. 

Lisa Seltser Kirshon is a practitioner of the healing and 
martial arts. She and her work were featured last summer 
in an interesting article in the Danvers Herald. 


Patricia Wells Velaj 

2 Glen Road, Greenwich, CT 06830-5717 

Alexandra Brown Kandola built a new home in 
Plympton, MA. She and her husband, John, have been 
married 12 years and have two daughters. 

Jennifer Burgoyne Sementelli and her family are 
enjoying their house in Yarmouth on Cape Cod and she 
invites alums in that area to check the phone book and give 
her a call. 

Donna O'Hara Bruton works in the personnel office of 
O'Hara Corporation. She has two daughters and a son. 


Karen Rabatsky Rosenthal 

242 Eastwind Drive, Manchester, NH 03104 

Jayne Blair Lindo is an RN and works at Kent Hospital 
in Rhode Island. She confesses to never having thought 
"parenting teenagers would be this tough and stressful." 

Amanda Bulette Coakley was featured in a Boston 
Sunday Globe article last June. She has been a nurse at 
Massachusetts General Hospital for 17 years and expects to 
complete her dissertation on therapeutic touch and earn a 
doctorate in nursing from Boston College in May. Amanda 
and her husband, Peter, have a one-year-old daughter. 


Cynthia Osborne Jorgensen 

33 Fairview Avenue, Ridgefield, CT 06877-4414 

Virginia Minor O'Malley is a second grade teacher in 
Hampton, VA. She has a daughter and a son. 

Diane Raymond Grillone is working part-time at New 
England Medical Center. She has a son and daughter and 
sends greetings to Rosalind Deacon and Virginia Minor 

Melinda Simensky Whitman lives in Natick with her 
husband, Larry and two children and would love to hear 
from old friends. 


Janice Wright Moran 

20 Lauren Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 


Kari Sullivan 

2 Cross Street, Essex, CT 06426-1112 

Diane Calvert Freeman is a nursing supervisor at 
Elmcrest Behavioral Health Network in Portland, CT. 

Nancy Titus Laliberte is a physical therapy assistant 
and, as a Reiki practitioner, tries to use that and other 
holistic methods in her job. 


Wendy Bloom Kelley 

36 Wayside Road, Westborough, MA 01581-3622 

Dawne Burnham Mortenson is a clinical nurse at 
DHMC-Spine Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. 

Lauren Miller would love to hear from old friends. She 
is planning a September wedding and we will be happy to 
give you Lauren's address if you contact our office. 

Congratulations to Christine Perry Ryan on the birth of 
her twins (please see Nota Bene.) Christine is an RN at 
Boston Medical Center. 


Amy Sloane 

P.O. Box 4366, Wilmington, DE 19807-0366 


Cecilia Coleman Welch 

819 Arguello Boulevard 

San Francisco, CA 94118-4122 
Angela Bonacci-Quinn 

P.O. Box 320501, Fairfield, CT 06432 

Christina Lopes-Orszulak and her husband, Paul, are 
happy in New Jersey. She is an edi/ec development team 
leader for Mars, Inc./ISI.Inc. 


Debra Sansone 

27-2 Lincoln Road, #2, Newton, MA 02158 
Wendy Gromko 

2032 Briarhill Lane, Atlanta, GA 30324 

MaryBeth Fitzpatrick has been named assistant branch 
manager of the Wayland office of Middlesex Savings Bank. 

When we heard from her in June Rebecca Pesko-Young 
had celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary and was 
expecting her first child. She is director of CAD Ventures 
and lives in Marshfield, MA. 


Georgia Moran Livziey 

47 Camelot Drive, Box 7, Worcester, MA 01602 
Annemarie Graziano Caloggero 

7 White Avenue, Maynard, MA 01754 

Pamela Andrews-Zani owns Off the Rack, a consign- 
ment clothing shop in Melrose, where she sells women's 
better and designer clothing. 

Karen Hirsch Sullivent is teaching second grade in 
Kyle, TX. She has a baby son. 

Barbara Post works as a day care teacher and has 
attended Lasell as a part-time student. She is the pitcher on 
a Softball team. 

Julie Zollo Barra is an event coordinator in the catering 
department at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at the 
Orlando airport. She plans wedding receptions and social 
events and loves her work. 


Jennifer Egan 

3430 Gulf Shore Boulevard, N., 7F 
Naples, FL 34103-0600 

Christie Cornwell is a school psychologist in 
Tyngsborough and plans a summer wedding. 

Kathleen Blawie Williams is "currently an at home 
mom with two sons, eight and three, best job in the world. 
Also, avid reader and bridge player." 

Class Notes 



Natalie Woods Howe 

33 Orris Street, Auburndale, MA 02466 


Stormy Horton Bell 

49 Merritt Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ 07621-1334 
Michelle Strathie 

St. Joseph College, 1678 Asylum Avenue 

West Hartford, CT 06117-2764 

Melissa Brown and Jennifer Bergeron '95 were atten- 
dants in the wedding of Lee Anderberg Brown (also '94). 
(Please see Nota Bene.) 

Congratulations to Amy Beth Kaddaras who earned 
her master's degree in education of the deaf from Smith 
College last May. She is teaching at the Walden School of 
The Learning Center for Deaf Children in Framingham. 

Masami Tsuda Reas graduated from University of 
Kansas with a bachelor's degree in American Studies and is 
now living in North Carolina. 


Gayle Lucido Movalli 

309 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Ana Ramon-Foote and her husband purchased a home 
in North Easton, MA, and recently welcomed their second 
child. (Please see Nota Bene.) 


Kristine Bell 

Salve Regina University 
100 Ochre Point Avenue - 
Newport, RI 02840 

- Residential Life 

Susan Allen Lopez has been teaching third grade at the 
Southeast School in Leominster for three years and was 
featured in the "Head of the Class" section of the local 
newspaper last May. 

Lee Anderberg Brown: Please see 1992 and Nota Bene. 

Jennifer Bannan Aucoin is a physical therapy assistant 
working with pediatric in-patients at Spaulding Rehab. She 
and her husband, Tim, have a nine-year-old daughter. 

Kristine Bell is a hall director at Salve Regina College 
and is planning an October wedding. 

Jodi Donovan is a financial analyst with Hanover 
Insurance in Worcester and plans a June wedding. 

Kimberlee Lynch has been teaching at Assabet 
Childcare for six years. She keeps in touch with former 
roommates Diana Griffiths '95 and Kerrie Ryan Walsh 
and is planning an April 2000 wedding. 


Carrie Lempke 

150 Judith Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464-7956 
Deborah Lestch 

9 Edgebrook Lane, Monsey, NY 10952-4711 

Congratulations to Debbie Lestch who earned her 
master's degree in elementary education at Long Island 
University. She plans to look for work in the Boston area. 


Julia Torres 

90 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, MA 02172 


Mary Lynch 

57 Manners Avenue, Brockton, MA 02301-1418 

Michelle Lane works for Champion Transportation and 
as a relief counselor at Riverside Community Care where 
she did her Lasell internship. 

We were sorry to learn that Carrieann Ray has recently 
been diagnosed with diabetes and wish her all the best. 


Urit Chaimovitz 

928 Hampshire Road, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

Those Were the Days Memories Project 

Dear Alumni, 

Did you have a professor who left an indelible impression? Did you make life-long friends at Lasell 
with whom you still connect in a special way? Was there an on-campus tradition that touched 
you and made a difference? Did the Lasell experience inspire you or transform your life in some 
meaningful way? 

As we prepare to celebrate Lasell College's Sesquicentennial Celebration, the Office of Alumni 
Affairs is asking alumni to participate in the Share Your Memories Campaign by contributing 
personal memories of life on campus. Your words and recollections can help us chronicle Lasell' s 
unique place in the history of educational institutions and help the College's unique campus 
culture live for generations to come. 

Please send us anecdotes about classmates, faculty, staff, and experiences that made your 
years at Lasell unique and unforgettable. The responses we receive from alumni will be posted 
on the Lasell 150 Web site and be included in other archival projects to help celebrate Lasell's 

If you are connected to the Web, you can post your comments on the message board on our 
online community forum ( under "Memories" and start a 
"conversation." You can also send your recollections directly by regular mail to: 

Karen Gill 

Director of Alumni Affairs 

Lasell College 

1844 Commonwealth Avenue 

Newton, MA 02466-2716 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Class Notes 


Jo Ann Simonson Sklar '64, to John Abbott Root, 
on February 14, 1998 

Joy Starbuck 74, to John DiNapoli, on October 10, 1998 

Meredith Mitchell '79, to Scott Atkinson, on July 28, 1998 

Pamela Morris '82, to William Mallard, Jr., 
on June 7, 1998 

Kristen McKnight '85, to Eugene Bernardo II, in 1998 
Audrey Crayton '88, to Dwight Goodwin 
Lisa Marie Shannon '89, to Timothy Nolt, 
on May 30, 1998 

Kathleen Cravo '90, to Fernando Pacheco, 
on July 25, 1998. 

Tracy Provost '93, to Michael Downs, on June 20, 1998 

Lee Anderberg '92/ '94, to Steven Brown, 
on September 19, 1998 

Kristie Burr '92/'94, to Todd Goyer, on July 18, 1998 

Jenepher Dyson '95, to Edward Spencer, 

Kellie Ann Wilkins '95, to David Kulick, on May 17, 1998 

Rana Gauthier '96, to Ari Falcofsky, on October 24, 1998 

Beth Kellogg '97, to Richard Bacchiocchi, 
on October 10, 1998 

Kristin Rider '97, to Christopher Sears 

Kristin Butzier '98, to Bart Lotton, on June 13, 1998 

Christine Castler '98, to William Hopkins, 
on May 30, 1998 


Marsha Camp '71, a daughter, Olivia, 
on October 20, 1997 

Alison Ix Lutes '78, a son, Henry Christopher, 
on December 3, 1998 

Christine Perry Ryan '85, twins, a son and a daughter, 
Seamus and Katherine, on April 11, 1998 

Bernice Devlin Bohnenberger '87, a daughter, 
Kelly Marie, on April 20, 1998 

Amy Kiss Woodward '88, a daughter, Julie Marie, 
on April 2, 1998 

Lisa Henry Phillips '90, a daughter, Emily Rose Phillips, 
on June 30, 1997 

BIRTHS (cont.) 

Kumi Himeno Oka '93, a son, in March 1998 

Jennifer Quimby Cole '94, a daughter, Hannah Brenda, 
on August 31, 1998 

Barbara Ortega-Alicea, '94/'97, a daughter, Adriana 
Milagros Alicea, on September 28, 1998 


Sibyl Weymouth Braniff '19, on December 20, 1998 

Ruth Rawlings Mott '21, on January 25, 1999 

Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker '22, on August 29, 1998 

Lydia Parry Stuart '24, in April 1987 

Virginia Dreher Davis '25 

Marie Janota Sibal '26, on February 23, 1998 

Clarine Booth Villars '27, on October 12, 1997 

Jeanette Allen Love '28, on November 20, 1998 

Emily Crump Ramstetter '29, on September 7, 1998 

Marguerite Picard Chernoff '29, on December 9, 1998 

Dorothy Dunham '31, on August 13, 1998 

Elinor Packard Hills '31, in 1989 

Gertrude Dupuis McGrath '32 

Mildred Munson '32, on December 27, 1997 

Eileen Hedstrom Sundberg '33, on June 20, 1998 

Mary Nassikas Tsantes '34, on March 27, 1998 

Jane Brackley Starbird '35, on December 14, 1998 

Ruth Fischer Speckel '35, on July 4, 1989 

Charlotte Littlefield Queen '36, on September 16, 1998 

Margery Fothergill Stockman '37 

Barbara Haskell Parker '37, on July 15, 1998 

June Rogers Currier '37, on November 16, 1998 

Mary King Andrews '38, on November 9, 1998 

Bernice Schanberg Peachy '38, on April 30, 1998 

M. Louise Turner Timpson '38, on January 4, 1999 

Jane Leckie Tracy '39, on October 25, 1998 

Ruth Weymouth '39, on December 7, 1998 

Esther Bennett Quinlan '40, on July 10, 1998 

Elsie DeWolfe Williams '40, on December 21, 1998 

Berna Bishop Richards '41, on June 4, 1998 


Mary Cameron Blaisdell '41, on May 7, 1998 

Betty Hapgood '41, on December 16, 1998 

E. Lorraine Harrison Cameron '41, on August 26, 1998 

Jane Palmer Getty '41, in May 1998 

T. Arax Zulalian Johnian '41, in September 1998 

Anne Ashworth Sewell '42 

Ann Clauson Chasse '43, on October 25, 1998 

Eleanor Ruth Davenport Walker '43, on July 24, 1998 

Janet Ryder Robinson '43 

Mary West Turnan '43 

Margaret Hermann Raiche '44 on January 8, 1999 

Priscilla Lincoln Laird '44, on August 19, 1998 

Georgia Record Jennings '44, on September 17, 1998 

Geneva Mae Dill Bump '45, on December 31, 1998 

Janice Mortensen Urion '46, on January 12, 1999 

Barbara Davis Canterbury '49, on August 5, 1998 

Nancy Gould Ellsworth '50, on September 19, 1998 

Shirley Moulton DeVore '50, in September 1997 

Patricia Smith Weare '50, August 1998 

Lois Weltner Gills '50 on November 26, 1998 

Jeanne Tait Plaza, '51, on January 3, 1999 

Suzanne Baney Berghaus '52 

Gloria Becker Liddy '54, in February 1994 

Julie Schmidt Jeanmaire '54, on September 30, 1998 

Rosemarie Ravalese Ermilio/55, on July 15, 1998 

Ellen Benner Leonard '56, on September 29, 1998 

Anne Domina Hewel '57, on July 5, 1998 

Virginia Albiani Carney '59, on December 26, 1998 

Charlotte Bechard Healey '62, on September 6, 1998 

Janice Neri Jollin '71, on December 12, 1998 

Carolyn Crowell '76, on November 6, 1998 

Marybeth Rowen Amsden '78, on January 6, 1999 

Christine Martinez LaCorcia '87, on January 7, 1999 

Kim Hope Terminiello '89/ '98, on November 19, 1998 

Class Notes 



La ~ JP\ 3 Ek La La 


OCTOBER 18, 1901 — JANUARY 25, 1999 

A loyal friend of Lasell, Ruth Rawlings Mott '21, 
passed away on January 25, 1999. 

Mrs. Mott, who was known for her philan- 
thropy, founded the Ruth Mott Fund in 1973, 

after her husband's 
death. The organiza- 
tion focuses on Mrs. 
Mott's particular 
interests, including 
individual social 
responsibility and a 
preventive approach 
to social problems, 
as well as human 
health, from mental 
integrity and spiritu- 
al vitality to physical 

Always a gener- 
ous supporter of the College, it was through the 
Ruth Mott Fund that Mrs. Mott created a new 
physical education program on campus in the 

The "Lasell Lifestyles," as it was called, was 
an innovative program built around coping with 
stress through a wellness curriculum. The pro- 
gram consisted of lectures and discussions on 
nutrition, the inter-relatedness of mind and 
body, and coping with stress both physically and 
intellectually. Students could also select more 
traditional activities such as aerobics, dance, bas- 
ketball, softball, tennis, golf, and canoeing. The 
program was underwritten for two years by a 
challenge grant from the Ruth Mott Fund, aug- 
mented by additional contributions by alumni. 
In 1987, Mrs. Mott established another chal- 
lenge grant for the creation of the Center for 
Management and Entrepreneurial Studies for 
Women and was a major supporter of the 
College's PACT program. 

Over the years, Mrs. Mott was the recipient of a 
number of honors from Lasell for her loyalty and 
support. In 1984, she was selected as the eighth 
recipient of Lasell's most coveted honor, "The Silver 
Bowl." This distinction is given infrequently as a 
way to recognize individuals whose contribution to 

society adds luster to the name of Lasell. 

In 1987, in recognition of her dedicated sup- 
port, the dormitory at 19 Berkeley Place was 
renamed Mott House. And finally, in 1990, Mrs. 
Mott was the recipient of a Lasell Medallion. 

Mrs. Mott's classmates would probably 
remember her best for her bravery during the 
1919 fire in the Woodland Park building, when 
she led several students out the fire escape and 
was commended for her selfless courage by the 
Boston newspapers. 



JUNE 25, 1908 — SEPTEMBER 30, 1998 

Chester H. Lasell, grandson of Josiah Lasell, one 
of the founders of Lasell College, passed away on 
September 30, 1998. 

Mr. Lasell, who lived in Greenwich, CT, was 
best known on the 
Lasell campus as the 
benefactor of the Lasell 
Medallion. In 1967, he 
provided the funds for 
the casting of the 
medallion bearing the 
likenesses of Edward 
and Josiah Lasell on it. 
One hundred were 
made available for 
awarding to notable 
alumni and to those who had served Lasell with 
distinction. In 1984, Mr. Lasell underwrote a sec- 
ond casting of the medallions enabling the 
Alumni Association to continue its tradition of 
awarding the Lasell Medallion each year. 

Mr. Lasell was educated at the Pomfret 
School in Connecticut and at Williams College. 
He served in the U.S. Naval Reserve in 
Providence, RI from 1942-1946, attaining the 
rank of lieutenant commander. For many years 
he was president of the Pomfret School board of 
trustees and a member of the executive commit- 
tee of the Williams College Society of Alumni. 
Mr. Lasell was a retired partner at Morgan 
Stanley & Co. 



MARCH 1, 1902 — AUGUST 29, 1998 

Devoted Lasell Alumna Phyllis Rafferty 
Shoemaker passed away on August 29, 1998. 
She was 96. 

A 1922 graduate of Lasell, Mrs. Shoemaker 
was a member of the Alumni Board of 

Management from 
1927-1953 and 
served three terms 
as president of 
the Alumni 
Association. She 
also was a Lasell 
corporator. In 
1950, she was 
elected to the 
Board of Trustees 
where she actively 
participated until 
1984, despite hav- 
ing moved with her husband to Watsonville, 
California in 1953. In 1985, the Board of Trustees 
created a new designation of Trustee Emerita 
and Mrs. Shoemaker was one of the first five to 
hold this honor. 

A loyal supporter of the Annual Fund, 
Phyllis Shoemaker was an enthusiastic Lasell 
volunteer with a keen understanding of the val- 
ue of fundraising for her alma mater. She served 
as co-chairman of the Lasell Centennial Program 
Committee in 1951 and as Chairman of Lasell's 
first Fund Drive, which culminated in the build- 
ing of Winslow Hall. 

In 1985, Phyllis Shoemaker initiated a 
fundraising effort on behalf of the Class of 1922 
for a freestanding sign for Winslow Hall and 
Brennan Library. In recognition of Mrs. 
Shoemaker's generous and continued support of 
Lasell, the Learning Center was renamed the 
Rafferty Shoemaker Learning Center in 1987. 
Mrs. Shoemaker was the class of '22 Life 
Secretary. She was also very close to President 
Peter Mitchell and his family. President Mitchell 
affectionately called her his "Adopted 


Class Notes 

Join Those Were the Days 
Memories Project 

(See Class Notes page 9) 



Class Notes 



Message from the 
Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 


▲ Co-Chair Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 

"When were you last on the Lasell 
campus?" Thatis the $12 million dollar 
question we pose to all alumni. Believe 
us, if it has been more than six months, 
you have no idea what you have been 

Thanks to generous donors to the 
Lasell 150 Campaign: 

• the Edwards Student Center has 
been completely and beautifully 

• women's and men's varsity athletic 
teams are holding games on a 
brand-new, second athletic field 

• Lasell is in a position to successfully 
float a bond issue to begin addition- 
al renovations and construction. 

In the near future, Winslow Hall will 
be a state-of-the-art, high-tech classroom 
building, and a new residence hall will 
spring up overlooking Grellier Field to 
accommodate Lasell's burgeoning enroll- 
ment. Wass Hall (the science center) is 
scheduled to receive a face-lift, too. By 
mid-May, construction equipment will 
descend upon the campus to sculpt 
Lasell into an institution eagerly awaiting 
the new millennium. 

The visual changes abound, but there 
is so much more happening behind the 
scenes! Academically, Lasell is reinvent- 
ing and strengthening itself, again thanks 
to the Lasell 150 Campaign. 

Lasell's first academic institute (see 
story on the Donahue Institute, pages 
1-2) will be officially inaugurated in fall 
1999 and will examine issues related to 
civility, values, and public life. Faculty 
members are receiving more support in 
their efforts to improve their skills. 

▲Co-Chair Joan Howe Weber '51 

Scholarship money is available to deserv- 
ing but financially needy students. The 
Library has new collections and 
enhanced resources. A new administra- 
tive computer software package is 
streamlining the flow of information 
between campus offices and depart- 
ments. The Humanities Program has a 
new fund dedicated to keeping this area 
vibrant at Lasell. And the list goes on. . . 

When we first agreed to co-chair the 
Lasell 150 Campaign, a $12 million dol- 
lar fundraising effort to strengthen 
Lasell, we knew that we had certain 
objectives and goals — ■ specifically, to 
raise money for program support, schol- 
arships, the library and technology, fac- 
ulty support and development, physical 
plant improvements, general endow- 
ment, and the Annual Fund. 

However, when the targets and 
benchmarks are only words on paper, 
they seem a bit remote. We had no idea 
how exciting it would be to witness the 
fruits of the Campaign! 

So, if you haven't been back to cam- 
pus recently, make Lasell a part of your 
travel plans this year. Attend reunion or 
a campus event, or simply contact the 
Alumni Office to set up a tour. Get 
involved. Consider making a special 
campaign gift if you are able, or simply 
increase your support of the Annual 
Fund. There has never been a better time 
to invest in our alma mater and be a part 
of the excitement! 


Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 
Joan Howe Weber '51 
Campaign Chairs/Trustees 

Campaign Momentum 


Lasell's $12 million capital campaign 
brought together faculty and staff for a 
rousing campaign kickoff celebration in 
the Brennan Library's Stoller Room, 
Thursday, November 12. Professor of 
Humanities Joseph Aieta, and Coordi- 
nator of Allied Health Programs, Gloria 
Mead, the co-chairs of the faculty-staff 
fundraising effort, hosted the event that 
attracted some 50 colleagues, friends and 
members of the administration. 

"I've been here for 30 years and 
watched Lasell College develop from a qui- 
et, two-year college into a revitalized, born 
again four year institution," said Professor 
Aieta. "This is a remarkable time for 
Lasell. I have happily contributed to the 
Campaign because Lasell has given me the 
opportunity to teach and to make my life 
so much more interesting," he said 

Gloria Mead echoed the sentiment. 
"I've been here 10 years, and this is defi- 
nitely the most exciting time for the 
College. You can feel the spirit, energy, 
and enthusiasm." Then, on behalf of the 
staff, Gloria Mead issued a 
challenge to the faculty 
to meet staff in 
achieving 100% 
participation in 
the campaign. 

"As of 
today, we are 
well over $9.5 
million in gifts 
and pledges, 
and we are 
confident we will 
have raised the $12 
million goal by 2001, 
the 150th anniversary of 
Lasell," Campaign Director Katharine 
Urner '83 reported. "But the last $2.5 
million are always the hardest to raise. 
We hope you will help. 

"There is potentially a lot of money out 
there for Lasell in terms of corporate and 
foundation grants if the College can get a 
seat at the table." 

"This is a terrific opportunity to help 
the College move aggressively forward," 

-; V ■"■/-•■ ": 

agreed Ruth Shuman, dean for Institu- 
tional Advancement. "Foundations and 
corporations who give grants to institu- 
tions like Lasell look to see the kind of 
support these institutions generate not 
only from alumni, but also from faculty 
and staff. Their philosophy is 'why should 
we support your institution if your faculty 
and staff don't?' We hope this Campaign 
will inspire you to demonstrate your pas- 
sion for this College." 

"I'm a lapsed Lasell alumna who recon- 
nected with her school through the efforts 
of this administration," explained Chair- 
man of the Board Carol Cacciamani '65. 
"You are the heart and soul of this institu- 
tion, and for all of your hard work, I thank 
you," she said. 

Vice Chairman Nancy Lawson 
Donahue '49 was also present to lend 
support. "I'm here as a cheerleader," she 
admitted. "As an alumna, I love this dear 
place. You have all done such a great job, 
and I am happy to support you. I also 
want to remind you that it is not the 
amount you contribute, but the fact 
that you participate and 

demonstrate your support 
for the College." 

Trustee Nancy 
Curtis Grellier '49, 
who co-chairs 
with Overseer 
Lela Graham 
Moses '61 the 
charged with 
planning the cam- 
paign victory cele- 
bration in 2001, also 
made remarks and invited 
faculty and staff to join the 
sesquicentennial celebration committee. 
"We know that all Lasell faculty and 
staff give so much of themselves to the 
College everyday," said the two co-chairs 
of the Faculty/Staff fundraising effort. 
"But we hope that you will consider help- 
ing Lasell get a seat at the table in its new 
corporate and foundation fundraising 


|^J0 winter /spring 1999 3 


Scholarship Donor Virginia 
Thomas Baxter '39 


For Virginia Thomas Baxter '39, it's 
never too late to ask the question, "what 
will I do with the rest of my life?" Twelve 
years ago, her own answer spawned a pas- 
toral ministry, helping those who suffer 
from suicidal tendencies, alcohol abuse, 
AIDS, surgical complications, and some- 
times, simply loneliness. 

Indeed, under the auspices of Pinellas 
Park, Florida's Good Samaritan Church, 
Mrs. Baxter created a care team composed 
of other parishioners and herself by reach- 
ing out to those in the congregation most 
at risk. This compassionate intervention 
also includes providing emotional support 
to caregivers with the necessary freedom 
to do their jobs more effectively. 

"For 25 years, I couldn't leave the side 
of my husband, who was ill with Multiple 
Sclerosis and then cancer," she explains. 
"And I'm a cancer survivor too. So I think 
I understand the challenges from both 
sides, as patient and caregiver." 

Her training for this mission was exten- 
sive. At Saint Petersburg's Bay Front 
Hospital, Virginia Baxter took courses on 
lay guardianship and intervention, includ- 
ing hospice and in-home visitation experi- 
ence. From this foundation, she began her 
teamwork, described by Mrs. Baxter as 
"very open and inclusive. We work with 
anyone in need and that can mean les- 
bians, gay men, and the transgendered. 
We're all God's children." 

Every week, she drives nearly 250 miles 
to reach her various constituents to whom 
she offers ongoing companionship and 
lively, honest conversation. "I don't dis- 
cuss politics or money," she states. "And 
somehow I seem to be everybody's moth- 
er." Yet one blind artist with AIDS wanted 
to imagine her differently. "He thought I 
was gorgeous with red hair and green eyes. 

I didn't want to disillusion him by admit- 
ting that I was a gray-haired lady with 
bifocals and a cane. Why burst his bub- 

Mrs. Baxter was honored by her com- 
munity and church at a luncheon in 
October. President de Witt was unable to 
attend due to a scheduling conflict but 
added his praise and gratitude of Virginia 
via videotape. His videotaped message, 
played during the festivities, officially 
announced Mrs. Baxter's appointment to 
the Lasell College Board of Corporators. 
"Her sharp mind and famous sense of 
humor have served her alma mater well," 
said President de Witt. 

Virginia Baxter's spunky approach to 
life and ability to change and grow would 
not have been possible, Mrs. Baxter readily 
admits, without an education. "My Lasell 
College experience gave me the necessary 
skills to confront life's challenges," she 
notes. "And the exposure to people from 
around the globe also helped me under- 
stand a variety of cultures and points of 

Mrs. Baxter's love for Lasell has recent- 
ly translated into a generous $25,000 
scholarship fund established in her name. 
"I believe in education and the opportuni- 
ties that it brings," she says. "I want to jus- 
tify my own existence by helping someone 
else and giving something back." But she is 
quick to deflect any justly earned praise 
for her many community contributions. 
"I'm nothing special," she states emphati- 
cally. "There are a lot of people like me out 
there. And I'm no goody-goody. I used to 
like to drink, smoke, and tell jokes. 

Today, it's only an occasional glass of 
wine or joke." Then she adds, "All I really 
need now is knee surgery. But I haven't 
got time." 


As of June 30, 1997: 



As of March 31, 1999: 

Volunteer Profile: 
New Brennan Library 
Society Established 


▲ Jean Michael Petersen '39 and her husband Clint. 

Lasell Corporator Jean Michael 
Petersen '39 and her husband Clint take 
pride in the College's past achievements 
and its ongoing accomplishments. That is 
why, for Jean — a devoted 14-year volun- 
teer at Lasell's library and archives (work 
for which she received the Lasell Medal- 
lion in 1996) — it seemed perfectly appro- 
priate to put her Lasell 150 campaign 
pledge where her heart is. The Petersens 
recently spearheaded the Brennan Library 
Society by becoming the first donors to 
this new initiative with a generous pledge 
of $25,000. 

"Their gift provides significant leader- 
ship as we seek to strengthen the library's 
modest endowment, and I am delighted 
that Jean has agreed to chair this impor- 
tant effort," said Katharine Urner '83, 
director of Planned Giving and Lasell 150, 


the Campaign to Celebrate 
Lasell's Sesquicentennial. 

The new Brennan Library 
Society will provide a dedi- 
cated library endowment. 
"A strong library is at the 
heart of any good college, 
and the Brennan Library 
Society will ensure that 
Lasell's library is protected 
from future economic down- 
turns," said Kathy Urner. 
The Brennan Library Society 
includes three giving cate- 
gories: benefactors, at 
$50,000; patrons, at $25,000; 
and Friends, at $10,000. 
"I've had such a long- 
standing interest in the 
library, most recently 
through my work with Jim Boudreau in 
the archives, that I thought now — during 
the Lasell 150 campaign — was definitely 
the time to do something," says Jean. "Our 
gift is not entirely painless, but spread out 
over five years makes it doable. For me, 
working in the Library, and getting to see 
Lasell from a volunteer perspective, has 
been an educational experience that 
should be shared." As she prepares to cele- 
brate her 60th reunion at her alma mater, 
Jean Petersen hopes other Lasell alumni 
and friends will join her in bolstering 
library resources and providing the 
Archives with increased visibility. 

"Jean Petersen's wonderful philanthropy 
and unwavering dedication to the College 
truly makes her a role model for the entire 
Lasell community," Kathy Urner said. 

GOAL $10 million 

GOAL $12 million 


I^JO winter/spring 1999